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Richard Hutten's X-Chair for Moroso is designed to be seen from behind

Milan 2015: Dutch designer Richard Hutten has created a chair with a distinctive X-shaped connector on the back.

Designed for Italian furniture brand Moroso, the X-Chair launched this week at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

"Normally when you see a chair for the first time it's always from the backside because it's grouped around the table," Hutten told Dezeen. "So the starting point for this chair was the backside."

"It's a very round chair, it's a very friendly chair," said Hutten. "It fits in all kinds of situations to cheer up the space."

X Chair by Richard Hutten for Moroso

The chair consists of three elements. A solid tub-shaped seat and a rectangular back support with curved corners are connected by the X-shaped element that gives the chair its name.

The X consists of two interlocking pieces of wood created using a computer-controlled cutting system, which is needed to create the correct curvature for attaching the element to the curved forms of the back and seat. The bolts holding the pieces together feature an M on their heads.

The tub seat is made from a wooden frame filled with polyurethane foam; the back piece is also made from wood covered in upholstery.

The outer surfaces are covered in a rough textured fabric, while the padded inner surfaces of the back and seat have a smooth leather finish.

X Chair by Richard Hutten for Moroso

"I wanted the X chair to have an inside and an outside, like how when you open a melon it's green on the outside and red on the inside," said Hutten.

"We chose different kinds of fabrics, some with more texture, some with less texture, matching with the leather and at the same time creating a nice contrast," he added.

The chair also comes in a two-seater version with an extended seat and two separate backrests.

"Instead of making one wide back we made two single seaters so your territory is clearly identified when you are sitting in the waiting area or the lounge area," Hutten added.

Moroso is also debuting two sofas designed by Ron Arad at the Salone del Mobile, which continues until 19 April.