Moooi's Milan show featured huge photographs, live music and a giant unicorn rocking horse

Extra Moooi: in this movie Moooi co-founder Marcel Wanders discusses the Dutch brand's Milan show, which featured new furniture, lighting and carpets displayed against huge blown-up portraits.

Moooi showroom at Milan 2015

Moooi's Unexpected Welcome exhibition featured 21 sets of furniture and lighting, which were arranged in front of giant photographs by Iranian photographer Rahi Rezvani.

"I think what Moooi has been doing from the beginning is to create a buzz," Wanders says in the movie. "We try to be interesting."

Moooi showroom at Milan 2015

"Half of the settings are environments you can imagine to be a little bit of a home and the other half are more artistic," he adds. "It's kind of two exhibitions simultaneously and for us it's a nice way to show our work."

Moooi showroom at Milan 2015

This year Moooi launched a new carpet company, which can produce photo-realistic designs at an incredibly high resolution.

Carpets by designers including Studio Job, Ross Lovegrove and Neri&Hu were suspended from the ceiling against the backs of the photographs.

Moooi showroom at Milan 2015

Wanders himself designed a range of new products for the brand including a giant rocking horse called Arion, which is available as a limited edition.

"[Arion] is an object I designed a few years ago," says Wanders. "I really wanted to make it and it felt like the right year to do it."

Moooi showroom at Milan 2015

Other new products by Wanders include a daybed called Power Nap and Space-Frame, a lamp with LEDs arranged in a grid, which receive power via the frame of the lamp without the need for wires.

"It is a patented technology we have that creates wireless energy," Wanders explains.

Moooi showroom at Milan 2015

Other new products on show included lamps designed by Studio Job, Ahiro Miyake and Atelier Van Lieshout, as well as a range of foldable chairs with knitted backrests by Swedish designer Jonas Forsman.

"The works we do in Moooi are very diverse, very eclectic," Wanders says. "That's how we like it."

Marcel Wanders
Marcel Wanders, Moooi co-founder

This movie was filmed at Moooi's Unexpected Welcome exhibition in Milan, which was at Via Savona 56 from 14 to 19 April.

The movie is part of our year-long Extra Moooi collaboration, which will see us working with Moooi in Milan, New York, London and Amsterdam to get under the skin of the brand, its products and designers. Read all the stories at

Moooi showroom at Milan 2015
Joep Beving performing in front of a carpet by Marcel Wanders

The music featured in the movie is by Dutch musician Joep Beving, who performed live at the opening of the show. His debut album Solipsism is available on iTunes now. A limited edition vinyl, with artwork by Rahi Rezvani can be ordered via his website.

Moooi showroom at Milan 2015