"This has become a great political disaster for Japan"

Comments update: Japan's decision to scrap Zaha Hadid's controversial plans for the 2020 Olympic Stadium in Tokyo led the debate this week. Read on for more on this and don't forget to explore our new comments page to keep up to date with the latest discussions on Dezeen.

Japan v Hadid: Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe announced that the already revised design of the Tokyo stadium would be scrapped, with a new proposal developed from scratch due to spiralling costs. But was it the right decision?

"A complete rethink is a much better course of action than the compromised revision," wrote Nathan. "Although the decision should have probably been made earlier."

"Whether you love or hate Zaha's proposal is not the issue," disagreed one commenter. "She won the competition fair and straight... the closed-mindedness of Japanese architects and politicians really ruined everything."

Others felt the move was politically motivated with wider implications.

"This problem has grown out of proportion – beyond architectural discussion – in Japan and has become a great political disaster," said Ryutaro. "Abe [is] trying to keep his job by making all the Japanese CEOs happy and rich." Read the comments on this story »

Apple Watch with Milanese loop strap
Apple Watch "fails to excite" and is "a bit underwhelming" say designers

Time bomb: three months after Apple courted the design world in Milan by presenting its Apple Watch, Dezeen asked leading designers for their opinions on the product. Their insights sparked a strong reaction from readers.

"How can you be a proper creative and not be fascinated to watch a product evolve, grow and develop, right there, on your hairy little wrist?" asked Optimus Rhyme.

"There are for sure problems with the first watch," said Don. "But for people to be calling it a flop or a success at this point is needlessly provocative."

However, others expanded on the views presented in the article. "It's just really unattractive," argued Dan. "The only good thing about it is the strap connection. I wouldn't wear one if you paid me." Read the comments on this story »

Hanczar Studio's 13-square-metre apartment in Wroclaw
Hanczar Studio's 13-square-metre apartment in Wroclaw

Little boxes: a micro apartment in Wroclaw, Poland, containing a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom within the confines of just 13 square metres prompted readers to discuss the growing pressures on urban housing.

"Confining a human to what is essentially a cupboard is a sad symptom of modern economics and city life," wrote James. "These projects are cleverly negotiating the real issue: affordable and liveable houses in urban centres."

"For the sake of one's self esteem, it's too small," said Meme.

Others questioned the apartment's design. "Where does he keep his bike after a ride in the rain?" asked JusRead the comments on this story »

"The real problem with all this Fun is that it isn't really very funny" – Owen Hatherley

Killjoy? Dezeen columnist Owen Hatherley decried the increasing trend for "Fun" installations and architectural infantilism in his latest Opinion column, but some readers think he needs to cheer up.

"The anti-fun folk are like the kids that are just slightly older than the kids on the climbing frame, scoffing at the littler kids' make-believe," argued one reader. "Secretly they're wishing they could drop the pride that makes them sit it out.

"Fun in this way seeks to recast the city as a pleasure dome, camouflaging its identity as a centre of drudgery, low pay, inequality and rising social and racial tension," countered Arjay Cee. Read the comments on this story »