Idea-to-product platform MindBlower to launch during London Design Festival

Dezeen promotion: Mindblower, a new platform created to turn ideas into realised products, is inviting submissions for design concepts to be showcased at this year's London Design Festival (+ movie).

To celebrate the launch of MindBlower on 18 September 2015, the platform is accepting submissions from designers or anyone who has an idea for a low-tech product.

Mindblower promotion
Concept for Funiture, an art piece that turns into functional set of furniture

Up to five projects will be showcased at Tom Dixon and Wallpaper Magazine's Multiplex exhibition at the Old Selfridges Hotel, during this month's London Design Festival.

Submissions are open until 10 September 2015, feedback will be sent in the following week, and the winning designs will be announced on 19 September 2015 – in time for the start of the festival.

Visit the MindBlower website for more information and to submit an idea.

Mindblower promotion
EasyLiner eyeliner transfers.

MindBlower intends to be the "home for those big ideas that would never have been produced".

"Everyone has at least one big idea in their lifetime," said company founder Carmit Turgeman, "but most people do not have the knowledge, time, or resources to make their idea a reality."

Mindblower promotion
Concept for a slicer that cuts any type of food in one cut

Once submitted via the MindBlower website, ideas are screened by a creative panel made up of Turgeman, publicist Roberta Green, and "America's master communicator" George Lois.

If approved, MindBlower takes the product through all stages of development including patent approval, product design, branding, manufacturing, and sales. The inventor can receive up to 20 per cent of the profit in royalties.

Mindblower promotion
Concept for a slicer that cuts any type of food in one cut

Previous products approved by the panel include a wall-mounted artwork that turns into a functional set of furniture, and a handbag that goes translucent with a click of a button.

"When an inventor's idea is accepted by the creative board, the company agrees to invest in the idea and assumes all of the costs related to bringing it to a pre-sale stage," said Turgeman. "When that target is met, Mindblower produces the product and gets it into the correct distribution channels."