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Dezeen's A-Zdvent calendar: The Infinite Bridge by Gjøde & Povlsgaard Arkitekter

The letter I in our Christmas countdown of contemporary bridges is The Infinite Bridge, a circular walkway installed on the Danish coastline to offer visitors panoramic views of their picturesque surroundings.

The structure was designed by Danish studio Gjøde & Povlsgaard Arkitekter as part of Sculpture by the Sea 2015, a contemporary art biennale that takes place in the coastal landscape outside the city of Aarhus.

The Infinite Bridge by Gjøde & Povlsgaard Arkitekter

Constructed on the beach for just a month, the bridge's path created a perfect circle that was part on the sand and part over the water. It offered visitors a never-ending promenade over both land and sea.

The deck comprised 60 identical wooden platforms, covered in timber planks. These were raised up on steel legs, lifting the bridge between one and two metres above the water depending on the tide.

The Infinite Bridge by Gjøde & Povlsgaard Arkitekter

"Walking on the bridge you experience the changing landscape as an endless panoramic composition and at the same time you enter a space of social interaction with other people experiencing the same panorama," said architect Johan Gjøde.

The position of the 60-metre-diameter structure followed the curvature of the landscape, and it also referenced a previous pier that offered views to a historic pavilion on the hillside above the beach.

The Infinite Bridge by Gjøde & Povlsgaard Arkitekter

"The pavilion was meant to be experienced from the landing dock of the pier that no longer exists," said Niels Povlsgaard, who co-founded the studio with Gjøde.

"The Infinite Bridge reestablishes this historic connection and offers a new perspective on the relation between the city and the surrounding landscape."

The Infinite Bridge by Gjøde & Povlsgaard Arkitekter

The Infinite Bridge was one of 56 installations built for the sculpture show, but was one of the most popular. It was disassembled after the event concluded in July, but was so popular that a local newspaper is campaigning for a permanent version to be constructed.

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