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Rafa Kids' K-shaped desk hides a second surface underneath a soft-close lid

Furniture retailer Rafa Kids has designed a children's table that resembles the letter K when seen from the side.

K Desk by Rafa kids furniture collection

The K-desk features rounded corners and a lid that can be lifted up to reveal a second table top. This can be used for working or to store "little toys and treasures", and the underside of the lid doubles as a place to pin drawings or photos.

K Desk by Rafa kids furniture collection

The desk rests on four legs, with the front two extending forward at a more pronounced angle to create a profile that resembles the letter K.

K Desk by Rafa kids furniture collection

"The lid is that extra that Rafa Kids always adds to its designs," said founder and architect Arek Seredyn, who established the company with his wife after designing furniture for their own children.

"The hinged lid adds plenty of possibilities to the desk," he added. "When closed you can keep your secret treasures hidden. Once open, the inside surface of the lid makes a great mood board for images, drawings and notes."

K Desk by Rafa kids furniture collection

According to Rafa Kids, soft close hinges help protect children's fingers while shutting the desk as well as eliminating the noise of slammed lids.

K Desk by Rafa kids furniture collection

The table comes in black or white finishes that retain the natural pattern of the birch wood, with no screws or connectors visible from the exterior of the table.


"From the very beginning we try not to fall into the trap of designing for children," said Seredyn. "I mean the aesthetic that adults think is what children like and need: bright colours, rounded forms, in themes of princesses or pirates."


"We design for the little ones trying to think exactly the same way as designing for adults," he added.

Similarly letter-shaped children's furniture was created by Roeland Otten, who designed a collection of 26 chairs, each one forming a different letter of the alphabet.