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Max Lamb's curvaceous glass is designed specifically for lemonade

New York 2016: the shape of this hand-blown lemonade glass by British designer Max Lamb mimics the silhouette of two lemons stacked on top of each other (+ slideshow).

The glass, which he created for online retailer Makers & Brothers, is specifically made for drinking lemonade and citrus-based cocktails, and is described by the brand as "playful and refreshingly odd".

Lemonade Glass by Max Lamb

Lamb – known for his hands-on approach to design – began his experimentation by cutting, slicing and stacking lemons.

By stacking two lemons on top of each other, he formed a distinctive silhouette that is comfortable to hold.

Lemonade Glass by Max Lamb

The preferred form was then translated back into drawings and made into a mould from Irish fruit wood.

The glasses are produced in small batches of 50, and each one is blown and hand-finished by glass blowers in Waterford, Ireland, in keeping with Makers & Brothers' focus on Irish craft.

Lemonade Glass by Max Lamb

Each Lemonade Glass takes 10 minutes to make, then a day to cool before it can be cut and polished for use.

The glass launched during this year's NYCxDesign festival at a Makers & Brothers' event, which was themed around a lemonade stand. Lamb also created his own lemon cocktail that was served to visitors in the glasses.

Lemonade Glass by Max Lamb

Other pieces on show during the festival, which ran from 3 to 17 May 2016, included a set of marble tables and an umbrella stand by Apparatus, and a series of lighting pendants with glass spheres that change colour once the light is turned on.

Lamb graduated from London's Royal College of Art before setting up his own studio. His recent work includes an installation of 131 preserved logs and a range of furniture that has hidden storage compartments.