"Koolhaas is not British, let the UK alone decide"

Comments update: ahead of the EU referendum this Thursday, OMA founder Rem Koolhaas has spoken out against Brexit, prompting readers on both sides to wade into the debate.

In or out: last week, Rem Koolhaas warned that Britain's EU Leave campaigners are fighting for a nostalgic idea of England that doesn't exist. But are Dezeen readers in or out?

"I'm voting leave because nobody owes allegiance to an unelected elite," said JayJay. "I am not nostalgic," agreed Ali Sina. "I only want the government we elect to make all the laws."

"Not a single Brexiteer that I've spoken to has been able to name a single law made in Brussels that they oppose," hit back Chris MacDonald.

Others felt it was not the Dutch architect's place to comment. "Koolhaas is not British. Let the UK alone decide," wrote Agagnu.

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Going, going, gone: the decision to auction off objects from the Philip Johnson-designed Four Seasons restaurant in New York prompted a strong reaction from critics, with architect Belmont Freeman saying it "made him sick". Readers largely agreed.

"This move by the owners of the Four Seasons is especially clueless and destructive," wrote DWLindeman.

"It says quite a bit about Modernism's legacy that it takes landmark decrees to save such spaces," said Colonel Pancake.

"Dining at The Four Seasons and a trip on the Concorde; two 20th-century experiences that can't be repeated," wrote a user called Studio.

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Great Tate? readers are offering their opinion on Herzog & de Meuron's Switch House at Tate Modern in London, after the extension attracted a record number of visitors on its opening weekend.

"Nothing but the best!" wrote Spadestick. "It must've been a huge undertaking to construct."

"The view from the 10th floor balcony towards the city is already one of my favourites in London," agreed James Burt.

"Love it, but those brick edges look unresolved," added a user called Guisforyou.

"For me this project has some contrasting results," wrote Sam Bristow. "Internally, the spaces seemingly range from interesting to oppressive."

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iSore: British Airways' i360 viewing tower, a giant observation pod that transports passengers up and down a 162-metre-high pole, will soon open on Brighton's seafront, and those who live in the English seaside town aren't impressed.

"It's like having a giant CCTV mast right on the seafront," wrote Mark Mcivor.

"This is not an architectural landmark, this is another nail in the coffin for heritage and tradition," said Chris. "There are homeless lining the streets with no shelter and we invest millions in this to attract more tourists?"

Others tried to stay positive. "At least when you're in it you won't be able to see it blighting the horizon," SteveLeo wrote. "It should make a good sniper tower," added MrCandyamble.

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