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Sylph chair by Atelier Deshaus has a steel back bent to look like a line drawing

Chinese studio Atelier Deshaus' Sylph chair features a back made from a continuous piece of tubular steel, curved by hand to look like a line drawing (+ slideshow).

Sylph Chair by Atelier Deshaus

The white powder-coated steel is sculpted into various shapes on the Sylph designs, and extends all the way to the floor to form the chairs' rear legs.

The chair has wooden front legs and a matching seat that slopes gently upwards at the back.

Sylph Chair by Atelier Deshaus

The Sylph chair is the first furniture design from Shanghai-based architecture firm Atelier Deshaus, which is led by Liu Yichun and Chen Yifeng.

The line-drawn style of the chair's back, created by the tubular framework, can also be seen in Max Voytenko's zigzagging shelves and tables, and Goula/Figuera's modular lights, which were based on thousands of ink drawings.

Sylph Chair by Atelier Deshaus

Atelier Deshaus' architectural projects have included a contemporary art gallery in Shanghai built around an industrial structure, and a youth centre with a layer of perforated aluminium covering its exterior.