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Outofstock designs geometric felt Stamp pendant for Bolia

Design collective Outofstock has created a heat-compressed felt lamp that merges two basic geometric shapes (+ slideshow).

Made from two pieces of industrial felt, the Stamp pendant looks like a flat disc bisecting a wide, three-dimensional cone.

The pairing of these different geometries gives the lamp a notably different silhouette depending on from which angle its viewed.

Outofstock designs geometric felt lamps for Bolia

Outofstock used heat-compression to shape the two pieces of felt on either side of the lamp. They then sandwiched them together, creating a cone where the two bulging discs meet.

A white blown glass diffuser sits between the two pieces of felt. It bulges slightly at the bottom, completing the outside edge of the circle when it is viewed from a certain angle.

Outofstock designs geometric felt lamps for Bolia

"When we started working on this new design, we liked the idea of playing both with the archetypical shape of a lampshade ... and at the same time with the challenge of merging two basic geometric shapes as the circle and triangle in harmony into one single volume," said the designers, who created the lamp for Danish furniture brand Bolia.

Outofstock is formed from an international group of designers: Gabriel Tan and Wendy Chua from Singapore, Gustavo Maggio from Argentina and Sebastián Alberdi from Spain.

Outofstock designs geometric felt lamps for Bolia

The collective's previous collaborations with Bolia resulted in a storage unit inspired by suspension bridges, and a cabinet that conceals and displays small objects.

Outofstock designs geometric felt lamps for Bolia

Other projects by the collective include Vanity Shelf, a hanging storage box and mirror, and Hatched, a nest-inspired cafe.