Wooden boxes define rooms and mezzanines in Loft House by CAPD

Japanese studio CAPD has used large wooden boxes to created rooms and mezzanine floors within a house in Tokushima Prefecture (+ slideshow).

The local architects designed the 92-square-metre house to look like a "big box", giving it simple grey corrugated metal walls and a flat roof.

Loft House by CAPD

Inside, the rectangular plan is divided up with plywood partitions to create rooms.

Three bedrooms, a bathroom and utility spaces arranged within this wooden framework on either side of an entrance corridor. Beyond them, the lounge and kitchen occupy the full width of the house at the rear.

Loft House by CAPD

The top of each box stops short of the ceiling, creating loft-like spaces that can take on different functions, such as a play room for the clients' two children, a library and a storage area. CAPD named the residence Loft House to draw attention to these areas.

Loft House by CAPD

Seams in the plywood partitions are filled with putty but the surfaces are left rough and exposed.

Sliding wooden doors are intended to maximise the limited floor space and create a uniform appearance when closed.

Loft House by CAPD

The architects wanted to pair the elements with an unfinished appearance – like the wooden walls – with more polished surfaces to create a space that "combines a kind of elegance, yet is seemingly rough."

Loft House by CAPD

White panels line the inner walls and ceilings of the bedrooms, bathroom and living space, while the floors are covered in light-toned floorboards.

The same boards cover an island that separates the kitchen from the dining and living space.

Loft House by CAPD

Sliding glazing opens out onto a small concrete terrace beside the living space, which is dressed with wooden furniture and pendant lamps.

Photography is by Daisuke Shima.

Project credits:

Design: CAPD
Architects: Kazuo Monnai, Hirokazu Ohara, Dai Tsunenobu
Construction: Nishino

Loft House by CAPD
Ground floor plan – click for larger image
Loft House by CAPD
Long section – click for larger image