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Apple's AirPod headphones connect wirelessly to iPhones and other devices

Apple has revealed wireless versions of its ubiquitous white headphones during a presentation today, when its latest iPhones were also unveiled.

The AirPods look almost identical to the tech giant's current EarPods, with smooth white casings. However, the new headphones connect to the user's Apple devices via its first wireless chip, called W1.

Apple AirPod wireless headphones

"It makes no sense to tether ourselves to our mobile devices," said Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing.

Infrared sensors detect when the buds are inserted into the ear, so they only play once in place.

Apple AirPod wireless headphones

Once synced to an iPhone via an iCloud storage account, the pods will be able to pair with all of the users' other Apple devices.

"We believe in a wireless future, a future where all of our devices intuitively connect," said Apple chief design officer Jonathan Ive.

Apple AirPod wireless headphones

Double-tapping the AirPods activates the Siri voice command tool, when can also now be accessed remotely to give instructions to other devices though built-in mic.

The earphones are intended to give up to five hours of play time before recharging, which occurs in a purpose-designed white wireless docking case.

Apple AirPod wireless headphones

The AirPods were revealed at the same time as the company's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, as part of its annual autumn keynote presentation in San Francisco earlier today.

Neither of the new smartphones models will come with a traditional headphone jack, as a space-saving measure.

Apple AirPod wireless headphones

Instead, those wanting to listen to their audio in private will have to use new EarPods with a Lightning connector – the same as Apple's current phone chargers – or invest in a pair of AirPods.

The AirPods are priced at $159 and are expected to go on sale in late October 2016.

Apple AirPod wireless headphones

Other announcements made during Apple's 2016 Keynote were the launch of the Apple Watch Series 2, which is designed to be waterproof for tracking activity while swimming.