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"Who wants to look out through painted windows?"

Was advertising agency BETC right to remove the extensive graffiti during its overhaul of a derelict flour and grain warehouse? Find out what readers thought in this week's comments update.

Respray: readers were left disappointed by BETC's transformation of the deserted Les Magasins Généraux building in Paris, to create contemporary offices.

"Would have been so much better if they converted the inside but left the graffiti," wrote Bob. "Now it looks like a billion other apartment developments."

But some preferred the new. "I think they did a great job. Who wants to look out through painted windows?" asked a user called dick_c.

The transformation prompted wider criticisms of the architecture decisions made by corporate ad agencies:

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London needs to address its profit-and-loss skyline, says Antony Gormley

Fair mile: British artist Antony Gormley told Dezeen that London needs to address its profit-and-loss skyline, causing readers to continue their long-running discussion about the UK's housing crisis.

Some claimed that only creatives like Gormley benefit from new skyscrapers.

"Funny how suddenly all the elite are up in arms about a housing crisis caused by nothing more than their own theories and concepts, " wrote a user called Dwn-under.

"Where were all these designers before the peak of the crisis?" said Steven.

"The 'architects' of skyscrapers are commercial firms of a scale at which most architects in this country don't work and have never benefited from," hit back a user called Stephen.

Others simply couldn't agree on the worst offender:

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Google launches own-brand smartphone to rival Apple's iPhone

gPhone: Google has revealed its first own-brand smartphone, but how does it compare with its rivals?

"The Google phone has been touted as an attempt to entice iPhone users, but surely it is a direct attack on Samsung and its Galaxy range?" asked Stephen.

"Shut up and take my money!" wrote ABruce.

Some readers who don't like iPhones felt Google's alternative wasn't much of an improvement:

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Temporary floating parliament on the Thames could save the UK millions, claims Gensler

Westminster bubble: architecture firm Gensler caused amusement in the comments this week with a proposal to move the UK's Lords and MPs into a floating parliament on London's River Thames.

"Just need a torpedo and you can drown the entire government in one hit," wrote Fresh Haus. "Not practical!"

"There is the added advantage of towing it and its inhabitants out to the North Atlantic – saves the expense of any future elections," joked Rodd22.

Some readers pondered the need for an alternative building at all:

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