Flat Polygons tool folds to make four different sizes of measuring spoon

A single piece of flat, flexible plastic serves as a whole set of measuring spoons in this invention by Polygons Design.

The plastic rectangle folds into one of four different spoon sizes depending on how it is picked up.


Polygons launched the spoon on Kickstarter two days ago, but it has already exceeded its crowdfunding goal 15 times over. The campaign has 38 days to go.

By packing four measuring spoons into one flat design, the spoon promises to cut down on kitchen-drawer clutter.

Polygon foldable spoon


In its flat form, it has the added advantage of serving as a spatula, to smear ingredients on toast or to wipe off viscous foods.

Fine markings on the spoon show the user where to pick it up in order to fold the device into the shape with the desired volume.



The markings also allow the material — a flexible thermoplastic rubber – to fold as required based on one swift movement.

Polygons describes the material as able to bend for 100,000 cycles without failure.

The designers are offering the product in a set of two – one spoon with volumes ranging from a quarter to a full tablespoon, and one with a quarter to a full teaspoon.

Indian designer Rahul Agarwal founded Polygons Design in 2014. He claims that, as a student of design, he was advised by a senior not to tackle designs that have reached the final stage of their evolution – like spoons.

Polygon foldable spoon

Other designers who have taken up this design challenge include Stian Korntved Ruud, who carved one spoon per day for a year to explore the possible forms.

Meanwhile, Ernesto D Morales proposed a spoon made out of magnifying glass to help detect food contaminants.