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"I'll be curious to see the hammer prices"

Dezeen readers were surprised to discover that David Bowie was an extensive collector of Memphis furniture, and speculated how much his collection will sell for in our comments section this week.

Space oddity: following the news that Bowie's personal collection of Memphis furniture is set to be auctioned in London, readers are discussing the value of the late musician's pieces.

"I'll be curious to see the hammer prices because most bidders will be Bowie fans and not necessarily Memphis fans, who will pay a premium to own them," wrote Zanone.

"I'm guessing Iman was never a fan," said Stool 60, speculating that the musician's widow wants to get rid of the unconventional, colourful designs.

"Why sell them when you can make a small museum that will bring you millions of millions?" asked Erisa Desu.

One reader felt the pairing between Bowie and Memphis design was apt:

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Juergen Teller studio by 6A
6a Architects completes concrete photography studio for Juergen Teller. Photograph is by Juergen Teller

Nice ass: to celebrate the completion of his concrete photography studio by 6a Architects, fashion photographer Juergen Teller shot a portrait of himself posed naked on a donkey, causing a stir in our comment section.

"It looks like Putin is raiding a bunker," wrote Bassel.

Other users preferred to appreciate the architecture. "Really beautiful work!" wrote N_1010.

Not everyone agreed, however:

BMW motorbike
BMW unveils super-safe motorcycle that can't fall over

Tipping point: BMW unveiled its conceptual design for a motorbike that can't fall over last week, causing readers to debate whether vehicles can ever be accident-proof.

"The marketing pitch was obviously written by someone who has never ridden a motorbike," wrote Vigarano. "As for helmet-less riding, that's just an insane suggestion on a vehicle like this."

"There will be accidents that are outside their testing of the abilities bike to keep upright," agreed Jeremy Daw.

"While an anti-tip stabilisation feature is neat, I fail to see how it can protect the rider from being rear ended, broadsided, or t-boned by a car or truck – the primary injury modes for motorcyclists," said RinSF.

One commenter pointed out that the design is ahead of its time:

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Brick bulges embellish ceiling of Fucina restaurant by Andy Martin Architects

Hump day: domed pizza ovens inspired the bulging brick ceiling of this London restaurant, but other comparisons came to the minds of our readers.

"I feel violated. Cis male architecture sitting on my face," said TFO. "The whole ceiling wants to undulate, rather than two brick ulcers," wrote Dunkie Dribble.

"The reference to brick ovens exists only in the designer's mind, as an excuse for making these blobs appear to drip off at any time," added regular commenter Concerned Citizen.

One reader chose to focus on a small but nonetheless significant detail:

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