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Francesca Gotti conceals perfume inside Glebanite blocks

Francesca Gotti has hidden fragrances within seemingly impenetrable concrete-like blocks for Italian perfumer oneofthose.

The Inaccessible Perfume project – exhibited at Design Miami – encloses the perfume within a recycled fibreglass material named Glebanite.


The limited-edition packaging includes three different colours, each with its own texture. Each form of packaging conceals one of three different fragrances by oneofthose.

Grey-toned blocks disguise the brand's Oxygen scent, black ones hide Sulphur, and the white set is filled with Curium.


Each of the 15 monoliths, described by Gotti as "modern fossils", are signed and numbered.

"With a simultaneous air of mystique and irreverent playfulness, it represents the pleasure of this entirely new perfume experience – the wonder of discovery," said Gotti.


"Fruit of an innovative, all-Italian ethical research project, it invites each individual spectator on a unique sensory journey."

London artist Zuza Mengham similarly responded to fragrance through design when she created a series of crystal-shaped resin sculptures as a physical interpretation of Laboratory Perfume's scents.


Jamie Hayón, Nendo and Front have also recently experimented with scent-themed installations.


Gotti's Inaccessible Perfume installation was on show at the Aybar Gallery from 1 to 4 December 2016. The exhibition coincided with this year's Design Miami, which saw Philippe Malouin create an orbiting installation and Michael Anastassiades venture into colour with a new minimalist lighting collection.

Photography is by Nicolas Mazzei.