10 home interiors from Dezeen's Pinterest boards that swap walls for partitions

With the trend for broken-plan living spaces continuing into 2017, we're highlighting 10 popular home interiors from our Pinterest boards where areas are loosely divided by partitions rather than by walls.

Penthouse in Antwerp, Belgium, by De Meester Vliegen Architecten

A monolithic marble partition perches atop a steel fireplace in this Antwerp penthouse by De Meester Vliegen Architecten, separating the lounge from a storage area.

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Leiden house renovation, the Netherlands, by 8A Architecten

A large oak structure incorporating a staircase, storage facilities and a sofa also functions as a partition wall in this renovated Leiden home by 8A Architecten.

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J House, Japan, by Domino Architects

Domino Architects created "corners, blind spots and niches" inside this renovated Tokyo apartment, by installing plywood storage units that function as partitions, rather than building new walls.

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Weisel apartment, Israel, by Dori Design Studio

Glazed screens create closed-off but visible spaces within this spacious apartment, which interior design studio Dori designed to offer separation between home and work.

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2 Dwellings at Tamarit Street, Spain, by Carles Enrich Gimenez

Plywood compartments within this Barcelona flat contain spaces for cooking, washing and sleeping. Carles Enrich Gimenez left the majority of the floor plan open to provide flexibility to future occupants.

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Fujigaoka M apartment, Japan, by Sinato

To create an extra bedroom for a married couple, Tokyo architecture studio Sinato fractured this apartment with an L-shaped wall that also functions as a storage unit.

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School renovation into Dwellings, Belgium, by Lieven Dejaeghere

The Leiven Dejaeghere-designed apartments inside this converted school are divided up by sliding glass partitions, which retain the building's original classroom layout.

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ROC3 apartments in Barcelona, Spain, by Nook Architects

Decorative floor tiles define the different areas of this renovated Barcelona apartment by Spanish studio Nook Architects, so walls could be kept to a minimum.

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Muellerhaus, Germany, by Asdfg Architekten

Hamburg studio Asdfg Architekten left only the outer and middle walls intact when converting this 19th-century miller's house in Berlin, creating a spacious family home.

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Kevin apartment, Hong Kong, by JAAK

Bespoke cabinetry divides spaces inside this 33-square-metre apartment by JAAK, which responds to the client's wish for a flexible and bright living space.

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