Architects and designers join millions marching for women's rights after Trump inauguration

Yves Behar, Gareth Pugh and Assemble were among the millions of people who took part in the worldwide marches for women's rights over the weekend, spurred on by the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.

Marches took place in cities all over America, from Washington DC and New York to Miami and Chicago. But they were also staged in major cities in dozens of other countries, including Japan, the UK, Sweden, South Korea and Canada.

Protestors were standing up for women's rights, as well as other causes including immigration reform and racism. These are all issues they claim will be put at risk under a Trump administration.

Here's a look at some of the images posted by architects and designers who attended the rallies.

A photo posted by Yves Behar (@yvesbehar) on

Yves Behar

Fuseproject founder Behar attended a march with his mother and children. "Three generations of us saying unity," he wrote in the caption.

Camille Walala

London designer Camille Walala went along to the protest in the UK capital. Her photograph shows a sign emblazoned with the statement "resist from day one".

A photo posted by Joe Doucet (@joedoucet) on

Joe Doucet

Othr founder Joe Doucet photographed his partner and daughter at the march in Washington DC, captioning the image "so proud of my girls."

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Some of the women from the Assemble collective were at the London march, armed with a huge banner showing their support with a clever play on words.

Johanna Agerman Ross

Agerman Ross, who left her post at Disegno to join the V&A as a curator last year, posted a number of scenes to Instagram from the London march.

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Faye Toogood

Faye Toogood snapped a picture of a fellow marcher wearing a foam coat she designed for V&A visitors to wear while following a trail around the museum.

Gareth Pugh

Fashion designer Gareth Pugh also took to the streets, posting a picture of himself and a friend with a banner based on comments made by Trump regarding women's bodies.

Niek Pulles

Dutch designer Niek Pulles, who recently relocated to the states to take up a position at Nike, was at a march in Portland. "What a time to move to the states," he said.

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Misha Kahn

Misha Kahn stated earlier this year that "apocalyptic times call for extreme furniture" in relation to the current political climate. The New York designer went along to the main march in Washington, where he saw an interesting poster that seemed to allude to Trump's year-round tan.