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Barcelona warehouse transformed into flexible co-working space for architects and designers

Barcelona-based studio Appareil integrated furniture into the walls to open up this creative co-working space, specifically designed to suit the needs of architects and designers.

The space is located on the top floor of a warehouse in Poblenou, the city's former industrial quarter, which is now part of the 22@Barcelona urban renewal area.

The project serves as the Barcelona-based studio's new office, but is also rented out as a co-working space for other creative industries, as well as providing research studios for the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia.

Appareil pared back the typical warehouse space to create simple, open working areas that would suit architects, designers and similar creative professionals.

Two milled timber multifunctional walls line the length of the space, housing equipment and providing temporary working areas.

The only pieces of furniture in the middle of the room are floating tables and lightweight stools, which can easily be moved aside to open up the space for cultural activities.

"Designed and constructed on site, the refurbishment is a live test for professional interactions in this multidisciplinary melting pot of a district," said Appareil. "It embraces the concentrations of makers, designers, architects, entrepreneurs and various crafts... a swarming creative hub within a hub."

The mostly white palette is combined with neutral tones from the grey concrete floor and wood cabinets, while splashes of blue come via stools and tabletops.

A simple timber-surfaced kitchen with concealed storage and a bathroom are located at one end of the level. At the opposite end, a floor-to-ceiling window encloses a winter garden and balcony that looks out onto the sea.

The minimalist decor is structured around the existing concrete columns that line the centre of the space.

Appareil is a young practice that embraces new design technologies and craft with a focus on computational design and fabrication. The members of the firm are all also involved in academia, teaching in several European universities.

Photography is by José Hevia

Project credits:

Architect: Appareil
Design team: Edouard Cabay, Massimo D’Aiello, Sonia Lamesa Pina, Alejandro Rondón
Fabrication: Nodo (Alejandro Rondon, Miguel Acha, Ferran Huguet), Medio Design (Juan Pablo Quintero)
Energy and Operations Consultant: Dosdedos (Marc Carratala)

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