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"Every time you look at this you will think Brexit"

The winning entry from Dezeen's Brexit passport design competition led to a discussion on the symbolic nature of the UK's future passport, in this week's comments update.

Crestfallen: Ian Macfarlane's winning passport features a cover coloured with a gradient of the burgundy EU passport and the blue of the pre-EU British passport, bringing back the emotions surrounding the EU referendum result for some readers.

"Does the winner indicate that Brexit is actually heading towards a Republic, with the royal Coat of Arms being painted out? After all, it was supposed to be about 'taking back control'," asked Peter B.

"Every time you look at this you will think Brexit," stated Dave.

John Jacon felt there was an important design element required to represent the reality of the result: "The new English passport should be smaller than the EU's."

"Well if Scotland goes, plus we get a united Ireland, the passport will be defunct anyway" pointed out Dezeen regular Mr Walnut Grey.

One reader was unfazed about the situation except for one detail:

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The great escape: UNStudio founder Ben van Berkel's suggestion that secluded pods designed for office workers to combat stress would become the norm within two years was met with a mixture of agreement and incredulity from readers.

"The answer isn't to give people refuge within work, but rather just ask them to work less. I honestly think a four day week is possible," argued Matt adamantly.

"How about not coming to work at all?" asked a rather hopeful Spadestick.

"I'm getting stressed just reading this," complained one guest reader.

Geofbob saw the concept for what it really was:

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MADE US-Mexico border proposal

Border fail: readers were unimpressed with American and Mexican firms who had branded their decision to bid for the design of President Trump's border wall as ethical.

"Really? In 2017. If history taught us anything its bridges, not walls," said an exasperated Matteo Raspi.

"Just because they can doesn't mean they should. Would anyone want this wall on their resume?" quizzed IDRACULA.

This reader seemed to sum up the thoughts of the majority:

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Mashambas Skyscraper by Lipiński and Frankowski

Tall order: A vertical farm tower proposed for sites across Africa, which won the eVolo Skyscraper Competition, angered some readers who questioned the designers understanding of the continent.

"The fact that this project was awarded a first prize is an insult to the profession and those of us working within Africa," expressed an irate >Alessandro Campana.

"Are the designers serious? 'Africa' is littered with ridiculous schemes like this that actually got built, where we educate them because they are 'ignorant'," added Ben Hartshorn.

One reader, however, felt that the proposal was fairly harmless:

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