Faye Toogood Earth Moon Water

Competition: win a book showcasing the design of Faye Toogood

Dezeen is giving readers the chance to win one of three copies of Faye Toogood's Earth Moon Water.

Faye Toogood Earth Moon Water
Earth Moon Water was designed by A Practice for Everyday Life, which used a sheer, mottled paper for the book's jacket to mirror the moon pieces in the Assemblage 5 collection

The publication explores how Toogood created a collection of objects for Assemblage 5, her first solo exhibition in the US. Hosted by New York's Friedman Benda gallery in the spring of this year, Toogood's show integrated ritualistic and natural imagery with furniture design.

The designer worked with unusual mediums such as lithium-barium crystal, cob composite and silver nitrate bronze to illustrate the natural elements that form the book's title.

Faye Toogood Earth Moon Water
Now in their fifth instalment, Faye Toogood's Assemblages have previously embraced a soft, child-like aesthetic and explored the dark side of nature

Earth Moon Water also highlights a significant trip Toogood took to the south of France to visit the Chapelle du Rosaire de Vence. Originally designed by artist Henri Matisse, the Catholic chapel became a key point of inspiration for many of the pieces in Assemblage 5.

The book includes an extensive interview with Toogood, presented as a long-form conversation.

Faye Toogood Earth Moon Water
Faye Toogood refers to her collection of objects as assemblages to reflect their inherent lack of structure – they're inspired by particular moments in the designer's creative process

The British-born designer employs her formal knowledge of art to experiment with the material and sculptural elements of furniture. She describes herself as working from "pure self-expression and instinct", using far-reaching sources of inspiration to create a diverse body of work held together by a common narrative.