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Photograph by Dave Morgan, courtesy of Lisson Gallery

"How is a giant rock or shiny sphere supposed to confront fascism?"

Anish Kapoor dominates this week's comments update, after calling for artists to engage with issues such as nationalism, Brexit and Donald Trump, and unveiling a giant whirlpool in Brooklyn.

Political descent: British artist Anish Kapoor's call for artists to tackle "real-world questions" in the current political climate drew a strong response from Dezeen readers.

Davvid was in clear agreement. "We all have to speak out against reckless and ignorant politicians. Trump is a disaster," he said.

But some readers, like Gregorylent, felt that Kapoor's career success prohibited him from having a say on such matters: "The political opinions of an art factory owner."

"It's so much easier to oppose elected officials or democratic outcomes when you are financially independent" pointed out H-J.

One reader felt it necessary to hold Kapoor to account on his own political activism:

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Anish Kapoor's Descension installed in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Watergate: readers carried the debate onto another Dezeen story – this time about Kapoor's latest sculpture Descension – which the artist claims has an "obvious association" with current American politics.

"Trump's politics may be all wrong or he may be a bit of a narcissist, but Anish Kapoor is much worse. He's just another rich liberal not willing to take any risks," stated James.

"So you think that even if Trump's policies cause millions of Americans to lose health care or lead to war with North Korea, Kapoor is much worse? How?" countered an exasperated Geofbob.

"Who is paying for this cr*p?" raged a user called ivan.capitani.

Ray Thomson couldn't separate the art from the artist: "I say it is necessary for impoverished art-workers to oppose the Trump-rivalling narcissism of Anish Kapoor."

One reader was more concerned with a potential hidden meaning to the installation:

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Obama Presidential Library concept design

Chicago's finest: readers had mixed opinions on the released plans for the Obama Presidential Library.

"Extremely awkward, deflating aesthetic. Such a waste of a brilliant opportunity," expressed a disappointed Dominique Rickard.

Dilz felt the plans was suitable to the brief. "The library will be useful to a small number of scholars, while the overall site will be useful the entire neighbourhood and city of Chicago. For me, the plan reads as appropriately humble for the Obamas."

One reader drew an unfortunate comparison:

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News: Elon Musk plans for Mars

Car crash: Elon Musk's latest idea – to dig tunnels and create underground tracks for cars in a bid to combat growing traffic levels – was met with bemusement in the comments.

Krad strongly felt the visionary inventor should go back to the drawing board. "This is probably the most stupid thing Musk has ever designed. Let aside cost, this actually solves nothing.

"So now you are stuck in traffic underground on skates," agreed Jonathan Avila.

Not all felt the idea was a none-starter, however:

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