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"Feminists aren't going to be happy"

Gender politics return to the forefront in this week's comments update, following an opinion column by Danish architect Dorte Mandrup arguing against the labelling of female architects.

Neutrality: Mandrup argued that female architects are seen as more than second-class citizens when grouped together into worthy lists and exhibitions, prompting a discussion over the different interpretations of feminism.

Bobby Dazzler praised the piece, although he felt it might cause problems. "Feminists aren't going to be happy with this one," he said.

"Real living, breathing feminists will love this article. I know I did," countered Kat.

Concerned Citizen was in firm agreemenet with Mandrup: "I could not agree more, as I have long opposed prejudice and discrimination of persons."

However Geofbob suggested the view could do more harm than good. "Dorte Mandrup probably doesn't realise it, but what she has done with her article is provide comfort to many English-speaking misogynists in architecture" he said.

"Being saddled with the prefix may well be the cross we have to bear in our time for the young women coming up after us" added an optimistic Anusia Grennell.

HHGeek wasn't so sure: "As far as I'm concerned, such a prefix is unhelpful to those who purely want to get on with a job. Gender, colour, religion, whatever."

"Ireland's current leading architects must be Grafton Architects. I would never ever insult them by referring to them as Ireland's leading women architects" underlined Z-dog.

One reader had their popcorn at the ready:

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Wall Street Tower by David Adjaye

Adjaye-gate: leaked renderings of a golden 61-storey skyscraper designed by British architect David Adjaye for New York's Financial District led to disagreements over the architects' work.

The images failed to capture David Louis' imagination: "Boring multiplied by 61 storeys"

"This is an insult to architecture, taste and intelligence," added a sombre Nacho.

Spadestick seemed to be swimming against the current: "Popomo (aka post-post modernity)! I like it, could turn out pretty nice."

Meanwhile Geofbob wondered if the name was a bigger problem than the design: "Attach the name Adjaye to it, and they'll complain."

But one reader found a silver lining:

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Skygarden by MVRDV

Green half-mile: MVRDV's conversion of a former overpass in Seoul into a kilometre long plant-covered walkway seemed to divide opinions.

"I think this is a bit uninspired. It lacks MVRDV's edge." commented a disappointed Leo.

Clichy, however, was very impressed: "Better than I had expected, I look forward to my next visit to downtown Seoul to experience it."

One reader felt the design was still lacking:

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For the many: a pledge by the Labour Party to put creative industries at heart of UK's Brexit negotiations with a dedicated manifesto opened up a debate over socialism in Dezeen's comments section.

Joel K made his political feelings clear: "Socialists speak of a Utopian society that can never exist because of mankind's inherent ability to be corrupted."

"Now list the countries which have suffered from capitalistic leanings in government," fired back Geofbob.

One reader was already certain which party leader she would be voting for:

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