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"Palm Springs in a Fifth Avenue high-rise"

Moscow studio Meganom's design for a skinny, supertall residential skyscraper in New York left readers concerned about its effect on the city's ever-populating skyline in this week's comments update.

Views: 262 Fifth Avenue, a 305-metre aluminium and glass tower planned for Midtown Manhattan received a fairly lukewarm welcome from potential future neighbours this week.

"It looks somehow beautiful, but I think it will destroy the skyline, like all skinny, supertall buildings," stated She Grabs The Curtain.

"How exactly will it destroy the skyline? Manhattan's skyline is precisely characterised by the diversity in shape and size of its skyscrapers," responded Lux.

HeywoodFloyd felt the design was restrictive: "No views from the south because this would destroy the view of the Empire State Building from anywhere below 23rd Street."

"I just moved into my finally ready condo at 24th and Broadway after buying in pre-construction 3.5 years ago. This will completely block my view of the ESB," added an infuriated frenchbelle.

"It will stuff up some views – but perhaps it will contribute to others. As an aside, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with tall buildings," said Greg diplomatically.

Jack Treber couldn't help but appreciate the plans: "I'm normally hesitant to embrace these billionaires' skinny supertall residences, but I have to admit this one is gorgeous."

This reader definitely felt the design was a little out of place:

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Noisy neighbours: Residents in London's Camberwell area were also upset with a new addition to their neighbourhood this week, in the form of Anish Kapoor's planned studio roof extension. Readers had their say on the locals' petition against the plan.

"That gleaming white box atop an old brick structure is... ugly," affirmed an empathetic slackdammit.

On the contrary, Tanner felt there was no case to be made: "The houses across the street are about the same height so I'm confused. If the zoning allows it, the zoning allows it."

"It looks very nice. I'm so tired of people feeling that they are entitled to 'views'," agreed davvvvid.

"People are entitled to daylight," countered Karol_B, who felt the extension would impose on nearby homes.

One reader had a suggestion for the famous British artist:

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Google HQ London by BIG and Heatherwick

BIG reveal: Collaborative plans for Google's new 93,000-square-metre London headquarters by BIG and Heatherwick studio left readers feeling uninspired this week.

Ricky Sambora's high hopes for the projects had been dashed:"With that team, I just expected for something... new?"

Spadestick suggested that the collaboration may have caused more harm than good: "Too many compromises. Big Wick."

Some readers, like Kay, were pleased with the design: "Plenty to be said, but I will stick to 'very promising' and good to see a BIG imprint on London."

This reader may have felt a little peckish after viewing the plans:

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Paint by numbers: the announcement of the world's first graphene paint brought out readers' scepticism due to the fact that 98 per cent of the product is in fact pure lime.

Håkon Søreide felt misled: "Less than 2 per cent graphene? I think this is an open and shut case for the Advertising Standards Authority to look into and slap the appropriate wrists."

"Lots of words, but apparently no numbers to back them up," commented HHGreek.

Summing up the thoughts of the majority was this reader:

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