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UK illustrators create visual messages urging people to go out and vote

With the UK's general election taking place today, Rob Ryan, Hannah Warren and Rebecca Strickson are among the many illustrators using Instagram to persuade their fellow citizens to exercise their right to vote. We've rounded up 10 of the best.

Rebecca Strickson

Peckham-based illustrator Rebecca Strickson is urging her followers to vote for the Labour Party. "Whatever the result, a change has come over the electorate that we must keep going," she said.

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Hannah Warren

London illustrator Hannah Warren is simply using Instagram to encourage people to make time to vote – rather than pushing any political agenda. "You matter. Your vote matters," she said.

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Rob Ryan

Illustrator Rob Ryan created his The World Is Not Perfect poster to encourage his 10,000 followers to vote for Labour.

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Sam Peet

London-based Sam Peet used his usual line-heavy style to create a portrait of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for his message.

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Matt Lyon

Bold, colourful lettering shouts out the message "vote, vote, vote" in this image by London-based artist C86, aka Matt Lyon.

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Jack Bedford

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn also crops up in this image by north London illustrator Jack Bedford.

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Alex Tait

Bucks New University graduate Alex Tait has used Instagram to show his distaste for current prime minister and Conservative Party leader Theresa May.

Kelly Anna

Artist and print designer Kelly Anna created a subtle animation to get her message across.

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Polly Bosworth

Copenhagen-based Polly Bosworth is another illustrator who isn't overtly pushing her own political view, but is simply encouraging her followers to go out and vote.

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Amy Hall

London and Leeds-based image-maker Amy Hall has also drawn an image of Corbyn for her Instagram feed, but creatively used his hands to spell out the letters of her message.