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10 pastel-hued interiors from Dezeen's Pinterest boards

Dusty pinks, faded blues and pale yellow tones feature in this week's Pinterest roundup, which shows how contrasting pastel colours can be used in contemporary interiors.

Hidden Tints, Sweden, by Note Design Studio

Note Design Studio embraced the pastel aesthetic for this Stockholm apartment full of sage greens, lemon yellows and peach tones. The designers were aiming to create a "rich colour experience" that complemented the building's original details.

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Pinterest roundup pastel interiors

Fresh and Serene on Park Avenue South, US, by The New Design Project

Soft blue tones balance the minimal look of this Midtown Manhattan apartment. The New Design Project layered colours, tones and textures to lend the space a fresh and calming atmosphere.

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Pinterest roundup pastel interiors

Leman Locke hotel, UK, by Grzywinski + Pons

An inviting palette of dusty pinks and powder blue make this London hotel feel more like a home. Most of the furniture and lighting is also designed by the architects, including cantilevered floor lamps and bespoke shelving.

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Pinterest roundup pastel interiors

Westbourne Gardens, UK, by Nimtim

The aquamarine kitchen takes centre stage in this modernised Victorian terrace, designed by Nimtim for a heart surgeon. With just 45-square-metres to work with, the architects creates an open-plan layout to maximise space while emphasising the apartment's original details.

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Pinterest roundup pastel interiors

Sumiyoshido acupuncture clinic, Japan, by id inc

Cool mint-green cabinetry is stacked along the walls of this Japanese acupuncture clinic by id inc. The unusual colour was chosen to reference the herbal remedies used by the clinic, as well as to create a soothing atmosphere for patients.

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Pinterest roundup pastel interiors

Happy Valley apartment, Hong Kong, by Lim + Lu

Millennial pink is contrasted with rich jewel colours throughout this Hong Kong apartment, which also features patterned ceramic tiles, black-framed glass sliding doors, and brass lighting and furniture.

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Pinterest roundup pastel interiors

Tyche Apartment, Spain, by Colombo and Serboli Architects

This renovated Barcelona apartment references its art nouveau origins through the use of muted tones typical of the style. CaSA used geometric tiles to add further interest.

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Pinterest roundup pastel interiors

Urban Villa hotel, UK, by Grzywinski + Pons

Pastel accessories and paintwork transform this London hotel lobby, previously dubbed as "prosaic and sterile". The second interior on this list by New York studio Grzywinski + Pons, it also features stripped-back walls and exposed ductwork.

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Pinterest roundup pastel interiors

House 669, Sweden, by HelgessonGonzaga Arkitekter

Bold walls highlight key structural elements in this pre-fabricated house in Stockholm. Colourful pastel tones are paired with a neutral palette of polished concrete, birch plywood and off-white walls.

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Pinterest roundup pastel interiors

High House, Australia, by Dan Gayfer Design

Pastel tiles bring together the interior and exterior of this family home in Melbourne, creating a clear design language throughout. Built-in furniture and ledges encourage interaction between family members.

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