Hi-Macs Structura solid surface material can take on virtually any pattern

Dezeen promotion: LG Hausys has developed a version of its Hi-Macs solid surface material that can be customised with any suitable 3D pattern to meet the individual needs of interior projects.

The South Korean manufacturing company developed the Structura material as a progression of its current Hi-Macs surface, which is already widely used by architects and designers for domestic and commercial projects.

The solid surface is made from acrylic stone and provides architects and designers with the option of a 3D surface that can be thermoformed into different designs.

The flexible and weather-resistant nature of the material makes it suitable for a range of locations and applications, from cladding in bathrooms and spas to forming large-scale patterned facades.

Hi-Macs Structura is available to purchase in 10 colour options, including multiple shades of white, as well as black and fiery red.

Users can also choose from a variety of 10 new textured surface base designs – including Zen, which resembles the feeling of pebbles, and Hive, which is covered in a hexagonal print.

Designs can also be customised to match bespoke requirements of a project, with patterns, drawings, fonts and logos all able to be printed onto its surface.

The Hi-Macs solid surface – which has been utilised by renowned designers including Karim Rashid and Jean Nouvel – was recently used for various furniture product presentations at this year's Milan design week.

For additional information and to see more architectural applications of Hi-Macs Structura, visit the LG Hausys website.

Photography by Rafael Kroetz and Studio Podrini.