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The BN0031 watch by Braun x Dezeen

Braun and Dezeen team up to launch exclusive limited-edition watch

Dezeen has collaborated with German brand Braun to launch a limited-edition watch in a distinctive navy-blue colour, which is available to pre-order now.

The BN0031 has a pared-back, functional design and features a vibrant yellow second hand  – a detail that has become a trademark of the influential German brand.

For the dial, case and bracelet colour, Dezeen chose a contrasting navy blue shade never before used on a Braun watch. The numerals, indices and hour and minute hand are muted grey.

The unisex timepiece is lightweight, featuring a 32-millimetre case and stainless-steel mesh bracelet. It is fastened with a snap case-back and carries a Swiss quartz movement.

Only 250 numbered pieces have been made. Each limited-edition watch features a unique number engraved on the case-back, alongside the Braun and Dezeen logos. It costs £150 and is available exclusively from for a limited period.

The BN0031 watch by Braun x Dezeen

The BN0031 joins a collection of reissued watches that are based on the original designs created by German industrial designers Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs for Braun in the 1970s.

The pair built a design legacy for the brand based on the minimalist ideas set out by Rams in his Ten Principles of Good Design manifesto. Their mission to create "honest, unobtrusive, practical devices" helped Braun to establish itself as one of the most influential manufacturers of the 20th century.

Now under license by British watch manufacturer Zeon, Braun's recent output includes watches that carry elements of the original designs, such as the yellow second ticker famously used for the AB series alarm clock.

"Braun watches are among the most iconic timepieces of all time and we're really honoured that the brand has chosen Dezeen for this collaboration," said Dezeen founder and editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs.

"We're sure that this unique watch will be a hit with our design-savvy audience of over 2.5 million monthly readers and, being a limited edition, will be a collector's piece in years to come."

Dezeen has previously partnered with watch brands Instrmnt, Eone and Void to launch collaborations under its now-closed sister company, Dezeen Watch Store.

The store, which shut in July this year, was the first-ever online retailer for design-led watches.

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Braun and Dezeen watch collaboration
The BN0031 watch by Braun x Dezeen
The BN0031 watch by Braun x Dezeen
The BN0031 watch by Braun x Dezeen
The BN0031 watch by Braun x Dezeen