Watch our talk on pollution from Dutch Design Week

On day two of our Good Design for a Bad World talks series, Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs was joined by a panel of speakers to discuss design and pollution live from Dutch Design Week.

The talk explored ideas for how design can tackle global pollution, from projects that rid the ocean of plastic to air-purifying devices, and how they could be scaled up to make a difference.

Dutch Design Week international ambassador Marcus Fairs was joined by a panel of speakers including industrial designer Dave Hakkens, creator of the Precious Plastic recycling project, to debate design's role in preventing pollution.

They were joined by designer Bernhard Lenger, who presented a project focused on human rights during DDW, and DoepelStrijkers architect Eline Strijkers, whose projects include a huge conceptual wind turbine that doubles as an apartment building.

Dezeen hosted five panel discussions as part of the Good Design for a Bad World initiative. The talks were free to attend, and took place at the People's Pavilion at KetelHuisplein 1, in the Strijp-S district of Eindhoven.