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Tiffany Everyday Objects

Tiffany & Co releases £945 tin can as part of Everyday Objects collection

New York jewellers Tiffany & Co has created a line of everyday items re-imagined in expensive materials, including a gold and silver tin can and a ball of yarn recreated in handspun silver for £6,840.

Tiffany Everyday Objects

The shapes of common or oft-discarded objects have been cast in precious metals, expensive wood and fine porcelain for the Everyday Objects collection.

Tiffany & Co "upgraded" a 11.5-centimetre-tall can, giving it a sterling silver exterior, gold vermeil interior and an enamel stripe in trademark Tiffany Blue.

The jewellers decided to elevate these utilitarian objects to luxury status because "beautiful things should not be limited to special occasions".

Tiffany Everyday Objects

"I think what makes the collection unique is that it incorporates the best quality, craftsmanship and design with a level of functionality that allows you to use these things every day," Reed Krakoff, chief artistic officer at Tiffany & Co said in a statement.

All of the items are fully functional and campaign shots show them being used to serve drinks, hold pencils, and scattered casually over desks and tables.

A set of two paper cups, inspired by the disposable vessels used to serve coffee in the Tiffany & Co shops, are available in sterling silver for £540.

Tiffany Everyday Objects

A less pricey version in dishwasher-safe bone china realised in Tiffany & Co's signature teal can be purchased for £90. They could be paired with a sterling silver "paper plate" for £722.

A set of 10 stackable building bricks made from silver and walnut are priced at £1,140 and marketed as a "playful desk accessory".

Also for the desk, there is a silver, walnut and enamel-accented ruler (£425), protractor (£400), and triangle (£375).

Tiffany Everyday Objects

The most expensive item in the collection is the £6,840 "ball of yarn", made from hand-spun strands of sterling silver.

A pair of table tennis bats crafted from reclaimed American walnut and black and blue leather can be acquired for £650, and a Tiffany & Co-branded ping-pong ball is also included in the set.

Tiffany Everyday Objects

The "crazy straw" is a spiral drinking straw with a blue enamel band available in silver for £235, or a £330 version in either gold or rose gold.

The luxury design house said the designs are all "tongue-in-cheek" and pay homage to Gene Moore, the designer and window dresser who displayed Tiffany & Co jewels in paint cans with splashes of neon paint.

Tiffany Everyday Objects

The paint can is referenced in the centimetre-tall lead crystal ice bucket with a sterling silver handle for £912. Engraving is available on most of the items.

Reimagining common or garden objects in opulent materials is a favourite trope of designers.

Tiffany Everyday Objects

London designer Christopher Jenner recently collaborated with British heritage brand Elkington and Co to create a 24-piece set of everyday items such as tea pots and salad servers in luxury materials including silver and hand blown crystal.