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Watch our talk with designer Rick Tegelaar at Moooi's Amsterdam showroom

Dutch designer Rick Tegelaar told the story behind his Filigree Floor Lamp and Meshmatics Chandelier for Moooi in our latest Design Dreams talk.

Tegelaar spoke to Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs about the lucky series of events that led to Dutch design brand Moooi producing his Filigree Floor Lamp and Meshmatics Chandelier in the talk at Moooi's showroom and brand store in Amsterdam.

Meshmatics Chandelier by Rick Tegelaar for Moooi

Based in Arnhem in the Netherlands, Tegelaar looks to find new applications for materials such as wire mesh and waste wood and transforms them into desirable products.

His Meshmatics Chandelier, which was unveiled by Moooi in Milan earlier this year, features a wire mesh structure that distributes light from the LED light source. This results in changing transparencies throughout the different tiers of the chandelier.

Tegelaar's first product for Moooi, the Filigree Floor Lamp, was launched by Moooi in 2016. It emits light through a translucent circular screen supported by a delicate wire structure that references filigree metalwork on jewellery.

Filigree Floor Lamp by Rick Tegelaar for Moooi

The event was part of an ongoing collaboration between Dezeen and Moooi called Design Dreams, which is exploring how successful designers turned their dreams into reality.

Tegelaar is the second designer to feature in the series, after Arihiro Miyake revealed the story behind his Coppelia light for Moooi in our talk during London Design Festival.

Rick Tegelaar portrait
Dutch designer Rick Tegelaar is the second designer to take part in our Design Dreams series of talks