Design for Good by John Cary
The Women’s Opportunity Center in Kayzona, Rwanda, by Sharon Davis Design and Women for Women International. Photograph by Elizabeth Felicella

Competition: win a book celebrating architecture that tackles global problems

Dezeen is giving away five copies of Design for Good – a book filled with architecture projects that aim to alleviate some of the world's most pressing problems, including accessibility to medicine and mitigating homelessness.

Design for Good: A New Era of Architecture for Everyone features 20 buildings from around the world as examples of ways that design can help communities.

Design for Good by John Cary
Five readers will win a copy of Design for Good: A New Era of Architecture for Everyone

Among them is a mosque in Bangladeshi capital Dhaka designed by Marina Tabassum and a primary school in China by Hong Kong studio Rural Urban Framework.

Others include the Maternity Waiting Village by MASS Design Group, which provides women in rural Malawi with access to medical care, and the Star Apartments by Michael Maltzan in Los Angeles, built to serve the homeless community and provide health services.

Design for Good by John Cary
Among the featured projects is Bait Ur Rouf Mosque in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Photograph by Rajesh Vora and Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Selected by architect and design critic John Cary, the works are separated into six themed chapters, with titles including "Buildings that Heal" and "Shelter for the Soul". The projects are accompanied with Cary's interviews with their designers, as well as the buildings' users.

"Exploring examples from Guangdong, China to Kalamazoo, Michigan, Cary draws five key lessons for achieving designs that dignify: embrace a beginner's mindset; seek partners, not clients; build community support; employ workers and source materials locally; and measure impact," said a statement from publisher Island Press.

Over 100 colour images shot by photographers such as Iwan Baan, Timothy Hursley and Odysseus Mourtzouchos fill the pages of the book. Its cover was designed by Paula Scher of prolific digital agency Pentagram.

Design for Good by John Cary
It also includes St Jerome's Centre – a children's home in Nakuru, Kenya that Orkidstudio completed in 2014. Photograph by Odysseas Mourtzouchos

The book begins with a foreword by Melinda Gates. It also includes an introduction titled "The Dignifying Power of Design" and a conclusion "A Call to Expect More," both of which champion designs centred around compassion and empathy.

Design for Good: A New Era of Architecture forms part of a larger movement spearheaded by architects and designers who are advocating for design to address real-life issues, as well as improve public life.

Dezeen led its own initiative Good Design for a Bad World in collaboration with this year's Dutch Design Week, outlining design-driven solutions for a variety of problems.

Design for Good by John Cary
As well as the Maternity Waiting Village in Kenya, which was built by MASS Design Group. Photograph by Thatcher Bean and MASS Design Group

"Design impacts our health, our education, our community, our sense of self-worth, and more, yet all-too-often design is viewed as a luxury," said Island Press.

"To address critical problems of access and inequity at home and around the world, good design must transcend the endless coverage of multi-million dollar homes and Silicon Valley office spaces to become a key means of uplifting those who need it most."

Five readers will each win one copy of the Design for Good: A New Era of Architecture, which can also be purchased for $30 (£22.28) from Island Press.

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Design for Good by John Cary
A project in the book is Lakeside Senior Apartments in Oakland, California designed by David Baker Architects. Photograph by Bruce Damonte
Design for Good by John Cary