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This week, the UK brought back blue passports and Dezeen Hot List 2017 was revealed

This week on Dezeen, the British government revealed plans to revert the post-Brexit passport colour back from burgundy to navy blue and IKEA topped Dezeen Hot List 2017.

The winning entry in Dezeen's passport ideas competition seemingly predicted the future, as British immigration minister Brandon Lewis announced this week that British passports are going to become blue instead of burgundy as a result of Brexit, in a bid "restore national identity".

Dezeen Hot List 2017: IKEA is the most newsworthy force in design, ahead of Muji and Peter Zumthor

This week also saw the reveal of Dezeen Hot List 2017, with Swedish brand IKEA rising to the top of the 500 people, brands and organisations readers most wanted to read about this year.

Also ranking highly on the Hot List was Peter Zumthor, who was the top-placed architect, and Donald Trump, who was the highest new entry at number five.

London Design Festival's "record breaking" visitor figures include people who walked past installations

WAF organiser Paul Finch conveyed his disappointment about his event's failure to attract leading female architects as speakers, despite efforts to improve its gender balance. Just 27 percent of speakers were women this year.

Also this week, a spokesperson for London Design Festival admitted to Dezeen that they had counted passersby of the event as part of it's "record-breaking" visitor figures this year.

High-rise safety regulations are "not fit for purpose" finds Grenfell report

A review of building regulations commissioned after the Grenfell Tower fire found that fire-safety guidelines for tall buildings in the UK are unclear and offer too many opportunities for corner cutting.

Similarly, in the US, a report by Allana Buick & Berson on the 58-storey Millennium Tower in San Francisco found that the skyscraper was at risk of a major cladding fire.

Boeing unveils MQ-25 drone that it claims will be "changing future air power"

In design news, Aerospace manufacturer Boeing unveiled a large military drone to refuel fighter jets in mid-air – which its claims will be "changing future air power".

Also this week, it emerged that Italian architect Paolo Soleri's daughter Daniela had accused her father of sexually molesting and attempting to rape her as a teenager.

Assemble covers entrance to London tube station in colourful handmade tiles

Popular projects on Dezeen this week included a London house extension with a concave roofVans' California headquarters, and a London underground station covered in Assemble's handmade tiles.