"No other architectural title comes close" to Dezeen, says media survey

Dezeen has been rated the most effective resource for marketers and advertisers in the UK architecture industry by construction marketing consultancy Insynth.

The Insynth grader report has ranked website authority, physical reach, digital reach and social following to discover which architecture titles are most beneficial, with Dezeen coming out on top.

"To be honest, you guys didn't just win, you crushed it," Leigh Simpson founder of Insynth Marketing, told Dezeen.

Dezeen ranked above established publications including the Architects' Journal, Building, BD and The Architectural Review, which completed the top five ranked titles.

The report was designed to help building product manufacturers adapt to the new digital age by providing information needed to compare the effectiveness of various online resources.

"It’s our mission at Insynth to help building product manufacturers adapt and thrive in the new digital age. This research has made it clear that there have been winners and losers in the media world too," the report reads.

"Some titles have flourished in this brave new world, while some traditional stalwarts of the media appear to have struggled to grasp the opportunities presented by the internet and more recently, social media."

The report particularly focused on the size of audience the title can reach and the benefit to advertisers of backlinks – links from the media platform to the advertisers' sites.

"No other architectural title comes close when providing backlink authority," said the report of Dezeen.

Dezeen was recently named Digital Service of the Year at IBP Awards, and Dezeen editorial director Amy Frearson was highly commended in the Specialist Editor of the Year category at the British Society of Magazine Editors awards.

Internet ranking site Alexa rates Dezeen as one of the 5,000 top websites on the internet, making us the the most popular architecture and design site in the world.