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Boss Design's Atom furniture collection designed for flexible workplaces, says Simon Pengelly

Designer Simon Pengelly and Boss Design's Mark Barrell explain how their new collection of office furniture can be used to create open and flexible workplaces, in this movie Dezeen produced for the brand.

The modular furniture collection, designed by Pengelly for British office furniture brand Boss Design, is called Atom.

According to Pengelly the furnishing system has been designed to be as flexible as possible. "Holistic furniture system designed as a collection of components that can be combined together in almost endless ways, for all types of working and public environments," he says.

The system is comprised of seating, tabling and screening elements, which architects and designers can use to build a diverse range of workplaces.

"All of these elements can connect every other element," Pengelly continues, "which enables so many different types of working environments to be created."

Boss Design believes that Atom will be ideal for specifiers designing for traditional offices and a variety of other spaces.

"The flexibility of Atom means that you can use it in traditional office workspaces, in airport lounges, and really anywhere where people work or interact with another person," Barrell says.

Atom's components can be configured to create formal office environments, but they can also be used to construct more open and sociable spaces, meaning the same collection of elements can be used to furnish an entire workplace.

"Atom is designed to offer an antidote to office design in the way it used to be conducted, very compartmentalised and hierarchical," Pengelly states. "It's about this environment that's open and flexible."

Boss Design are hoping to challenge the way that offices are traditionally designed. "We're interested in redefining the established typologies within our sector," says Barrell. "Atom does just that, and will be the benchmark against which other modular systems are judged from hereon."

Atom is now available to view at Boss Design's showroom in Clerkenwell.

This film was shot by Dezeen at Boss Design's London showroom and Simon Pengelly's studio in Brixton.