The Balenciaga T-shirt shirt is causing a stir

Balenciaga's T-shirt Shirt confuses the internet

Luxury fashion brand Balenciaga is causing a stir online with a T-shirt that features a long-sleeved shirt attached to its front, designed for its Fall 2018 collection.

The Balenciaga T-shirt shirt is causing a stir

Called the T-shirt Shirt, the item of clothing is a blue T-shirt with a checkered button-up shirt sewn onto its front.

According to the brand, the piece has "two wearing options", which result in either a draped effect on the front or back of the piece – the product can either be worn as a T-shirt with the shirt draping at the front or vice-versa.

The "attention seeking design" of the t-shirt, which retails for £935, has left many online commentators baffled.

The T-shirt Shirt has come to the attention of numerous media outlets. In a piece titled "Holy shirt", The Guardian deemed the luxury offering "ridiculous", claiming the brand has been trolling customers since Demna Gvasalia was appointed as creative director in 2015.

The Balenciaga T-shirt shirt is causing a stir

Elsewhere,  The Independent dubbed the luxury clothing item as "nonsense", while Time compared the piece to a human clothes hanger.

The T-shirt shirt has also caused confusion on social media with one Twitter user saying, "I thought this Balenciaga shirt was a joke", while another said, "when the dress code says smart casual so you turn up with your shirt sewn onto your T-shirt".

Other users took matters into their own hands by posting photographs of their own homemade renditions of the T-shirt Shirt.

Balenciaga declined to comment on the piece.

This is not the first time the Spanish brand's designs have resulted in controversy. Last year, the fashion house released a large blue tote bag that bore a striking resemblance to IKEA's iconic Frakta bag, which was priced at £1,705.

Earlier this year, the brand released a pair of Croc-like platform shoes, which were priced at £600 and sold out before their release date.