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Note Design Studio creates architecture-inspired poufs

Swedish collective Note Design Studio has created a collection of poufs called Arkad, which are designed to look like architectural arches.

The Stockholm-based designers explored an array of forms found in architecture, including domes and silos, before settling on arches.

Note Design Studio creates architecture-inspired poufs called Arkad, designed to look like architectural arches.

They tested them all at smaller scales to see which would be most successful. According to Note Design Studio designer Malin Engwall, the process reminded them of the way they used to play with building blocks as children.

"We found a shape that we liked when transforming the empty space within an arch into a positive form," explained Engwall.

Note Design Studio creates architecture-inspired poufs

When several of these "positive" arches are placed side by side, they look like an arcade – hence the name of the collection Arkad, which is the translation of the word in Swedish.

According to Engwall, the simplicity of the arch form brings a dynamic quality to the product. This is accentuated by the visible piping that wraps the edges.

"We always look for a combination of balance and dynamics in the sketching process and the expression of several arches next to each other had both something very familiar and harmonic to it, but with a clear and very interesting silhouette," she told Dezeen.

The pouf collection was designed for family-run furniture company Zilio A&C. It was showcased at this year's Salone del Mobile furniture fair, which took place from 17 to 22 April 2018 as part of Milan design week.

Created in three different shape variations, the poufs can be used separately or combined to function as larger pieces of furniture. They are intended for use retail, lounge and residential environments, thanks to their small size and "clear expression".

Note Design Studio creates architecture-inspired poufs

Each pouf has an internal structure made from timber, with its top and sides covered in high density polyurethane foam and textile in varied thicknesses. The upholstered parts stand on a low, oblique base in wood.

They are available in blue, burgundy, mustard yellow and charcoal.

"Since the poufs are quite expressive and playful, we wanted to use colours that would add power and elegance to the collection," Engwall added.

"We have chosen a selection of textiles with quite rough textures, which elevates the shape of the arches nicely."

Note Design Studio creates architecture-inspired poufs

Note Design Studio also recently completed another project – a collection of bathroom furniture and accessories designed specifically for compact living spaces in Asian cities, which includes minimalist accessories, cabinets, lamps and hooks.

Photography is by Matevž Paternoster.

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