The Trump Baby blimp is an attempt to communicate with the US president "in a language he understands", the graphic designer behind the project claims

"I'd love to see an army of balloons in the US"

In this week's comments update, an interview with Trump Baby blimp designer Matt Bonner caused a stir.

Ice ice baby: Trump Baby blimp designer Matt Bonner, told Dezeen that the over-sized balloon was an attempt to get under the president's skin and "give him a taste of his own medicine", leaving some readers a little frosty.

"Just so much bad taste. England has lost it a bit with this prank," said an angry Bill Baker.

Nona Wolf agreed, questioning the decision to publish the interview: "Dezeen – shame on you for publishing this trash. This is not design, it's biased, political whining. Trump won the election – get over it."

However, some readers celebrated the blimp, including Egad: "Because of it the thin-skinned Trump avoided London. I'd love to see an army of the balloons in the US to fly everywhere he can see them."

Commenter Robert Thomas added: "Smaller versions should be made available for US homeowners to fly in their backyards. They would sell well here in SoCal."

For one reader the beauty of the design was not up for debate:

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Caveman: readers couldn't agree on billionaire Elon Musk's intentions when he hand delivered his tiny submarine to the rescue mission for the boys trapped in a Thai cave.

"A soon-to-be bankrupt Elon Musk chases publicity, again," commented a cynical All-Amer.

An equally unimpressed BT76 wrote: "Billionaire inserts himself into yet another random headline in order to look good, instead of spending money/resources on a grander/harder situation closer to home."

Other readers were full of praise, including Jaykjay: "Hats off to everyone that sacrificed in support of these boys! They didn't end up helping directly, but they went for it and tried. I respect people that try, especially when they know they may fail."

"What happened to good old manners of just saying thank you for trying to help instead of knocking Elon Musk's attempt to help? The world has lost it," added Aaron.

Others felt Musk could get more publicity in another way:

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"Designers aren't taking responsibility" says Stella McCartney in Dezeen's exclusive interview

Stellar performance: readers were encouraged by Stella McCartney's environmental mission this week, as she explained to Dezeen how it influenced the design of her new London store.

"This is really wonderful. I hope this attitude finds its way into every industry sooner than later," said Steve Hassler.

Cloudyy also approved: "Love her ideas. They have to start somewhere and will hopefully make their way into the mainstream."

Mary Sue hoped that other designers would be inspired by McCartney saying: "I have worked in fashion for years and seen its effects on the planet. I am so happy to see designers talking about this! It will trickle down to mass fashion producers too."

Of course, not all readers were impressed, with Arc saying, "Yawn. Another celeb spouting off with a holier-than-thou attitude."

Readers were also pleased with McCartney's views on animal welfare:

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Hill Country House by Miro Rivera Architects

Bargain hunt: readers questioned the affordability of Hill Country House, a prototype in rural Texas designed by Miró Rivera Architects.

"Let's hear the 'very modest budget'. My guess is that this isn't modest but I'm absolutely down to be proved wrong," challenged Archi.

Responding to the question Miró Rivera Architects said: "The construction cost was below $150 per square foot. That is in fact a very modest budget for a home with this level of design, especially with all the sustainable features included in this residence."

Archi replied: "Holy cow. Well congratulations to ya'll. I would absolutely be touting that in every publication."

"Very nice design an hugely impressive for the price," added Chris.

Chris_Becket was impressed by the architect's effort in replying to comments: "I have never seen architects taking the time and to respond to readers' comments on their work. It must be indicative of how you respect the views of not only your clients in particular but also the public in general. Lucky clients!"

One reader fell in love with part of the house:

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