Corpus Collection by Nikolas Bentel

"If I buy eight, am I also responsible for feeding them?"

In this week's comments update, readers aren't sure how to respond to furniture formed from a naked body.

Butt of the joke: designer Nicholas Bentel has attempted to patent his body as a furniture collection, leaving readers concerned.

"If I buy eight of these chairs to go around my dining room table, am I also responsible for feeding the furniture pieces and contributing towards their inevitable retirement?" quizzed a cynical Chris Pietersen.

An equally apprehensive Lauren Thu said: "Love all this eco, sustainable, biodegradable design – although I'd be worried about the finish changing in a few years."

"And the inevitable sagging," agreed Chris_becket.

Commenter Keith Dougal added: "Missed opportunity for a bike parking function, but ballsy move nonetheless."

For one reader, the furniture also doubles up as a decorative accessory:

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Melbourne Tower Shortlist

Reaching for the sky: six architects are competing to design Australia's tallest building – including BIG, MAD, UNStudio, MVRDV, Coop Himmelb(l)au and OMA – and commenters can't decide if any of them are impressive.

"From speaking with fellow Melbournians and designers, the consensus is that any of these would be a welcome addition to the city and its culture," said a complimentary Brovelo.

A pleased Chris_becket responded: "It is good that the majority feels that way. It is, after all, your city."

"I feel everyone's trying too hard," offered Steve Hassler, in disagreement.

"Such relentless mediocrity makes it hard to know where to begin. Good luck Melbourne!" added Heywood Floyd.

One reader made it clear which one they liked the least:

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Box clever: decluttering guru Marie Kondo has launched a line of shoebox-style boxes and readers are flabbergasted.

"We're being punked, right?" asked Blkbrrry in astonishment.

Chris said sarcastically: "Brilliant concept! How is "box" pronounced, phonetically?"

For some readers, the concept wasn't a laughing matter. "Too much time and too much money. Meanwhile someone somewhere spends another night sleeping in a cardboard box! Time to reorganise priorities!" commented Charlotte_tindle.

Rodrigo Galvan-Duque was also unimpressed: "Sad. We've reached a point where even decluttering is Instagrammable."

For one reader, something else came to mind:

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Back to the future: graduate Cody Seipp has imagined what Detroit could look like in 2051 if retail giant Amazon took over. It has left readers divided.

"Fabulous! I look forward to the next city makeover!" praised Jb.

Critical agreed: "The project seems to be an amazingly graphic narrative to establish a platform for critiquing starchitecture, the nature of big spending, and the philosophies or urban green spaces. It's a job well done!"

For some readers however, the imaginary investment was injected into the wrong part of the city: "Please, if we're going to spend the time and energy, can we have an imagining of the neighbourhoods," pleaded Jeff.

Zea Newland added: "Stunning illustrations but I don't think Detroit would benefit from being Silicon-Valley'd."

This reader enjoyed one building in particular:

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