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Milo and Torre by Tuft + Paw

Tuft + Paw launches "the ultimate playground for cats"

A scratchable slide, rope for clawing and a see-through perch all make up this jungle gym for cats, which features in a collection of feline furniture curated by US company Tuft + Paw.

Milo and Torre by Tuft + Paw
Milo is the "ultimate playground" for cats, according to Tuft + Paw

Billed as "the ultimate playground for cats", the Milo is among Palm Desert-based brand Tuft + Paw's range of design-focussed furniture for cats to play with, sleep in and climb on, which the brand sources internationally and then sells online.

Milo and Torre by Tuft + Paw
Milo is made of white plywood sections, and contains a slide and steps covered in a scratchable grey carpet

The brainchild of designer Sang Nam-Park, it features curved, white sections of plywood that slot together to build the frame with steps between for cats to perch or jump on. White rope wraps around parts of the wood for sharpening claws, while a slide running down the front is covered in a grey carpet fibre for scratching.

This rough material also clads a slender column on the other side, attached to a translucent basin for perching or napping.

Milo and Torre by Tuft + Paw
There is also plenty of white rope to claw

"Cats and humans love the whimsically designed Milo cat treehouse," said the brand on its website. "This large jungle gym gives cats endless opportunities for play and discovery to maintain their physical and mental health."

With its simple white and grey palette, Milo was chosen by Tuft + Paw to suit various home-decor styles of design-savvy pet owners.

Milo and Torre by Tuft + Paw
A see-through basin provides the ideal spot for perching or napping

The Torre scratching post by Dutch designer Regina Mol also has a minimal aesthetic. It comprises two curved sections, connected by horizontal disks that form multiple levels for sleeping. To add a luxury touch, owners can also buy a furry bed to fit the frame.

Two different material combinations are available for the posts: one pairs wood with a rough "sandy-brown" material, while the other teams a white structure with textured "slate-grey".

Milo and Torre by Tuft + Paw
Other feline furnishings in Tuft + Paw's collection include Torre, designed by Regina Mol

The design also comes as a 28- or 44-inch (71- or 111-centimetre) version.

"The sleekly designed Torre tower is the ultimate scratching post to pair with your modern furniture," said the brand.

Milo and Torre by Tuft + Paw
Torre's two curved section are connected by horizontal disks to form multiple levels for sleeping

Tuft + Paw's collection, which also features a series of cat beds, follows a number of design-focussed products for the pampered puss.

Others include a range of minimal accessories, a wooden table with holes and tunnels, and a small device that allows users to talk to, play with and watch their pets when apart.

Images of Torre are courtesy of MiaCara.