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Urinals in Paris's historic centre cause uproar

"The target population will never use these"

In this week's comments update, readers agree with residents of Paris, who expressed outrage over the installation of minimal, open-air urinals in the city centre.

Caught short: four outdoor urinals, developed by design studio Faltazi, were installed on the streets of Paris to prevent public urination. But like local residents and businesses, readers don't think they'll solve the problem.

"Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo's ridiculous brain-child executed, as is her habit, without consulting any Parisians," fumed Catherine Hammond.

Hugo had a more light-hearted response to the situation: "This is taking the p*ss (sorry)."

"Were the boxes 'erected' or just placed on the sidewalk? Asking for a friend," joked Steve Hassler.

Pierre made it clear he had no faith in the idea: "The target population will never use these because they are undereducated. The evidence? They are p*ssing on the streets. Another naive utopia."

"Don't see what the problem is, people, will pee in the streets. Drunk or not, day or night, they will. At least this will prevent odours and pee running on sidewalks. They're removable, so what's the big deal?" added Marc Sicard.

One reader feared misuse of the urinals would be a major issue:

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Building Without Bias by Hannah Rozenberg

Miscalculationreaders were divided about a digital tool developed by RCA graduate Hannah Rozenberg to help create more gender-neutral environments. Her online calculator, which reveals the bias in English architectural terms, doesn't stand up to tests they claim.

"Why does the word "Boner" have a female bias of 38?" asked Nicolas Lamoureux. "I understand and like this concept but I don't understand how these metrics are being applied to language."

"The real question is: why should the future architecture development be based on algorithms? Aren't we able to educate ourselves, the most advanced machines, to think inclusively and in a gender-neutral way" asked a more serious Carlo.

"Enforcing a patronising definition of femininity and womanhood won’t make architecture more inclusive," sighed Rthko.

"Yeah, well, all the comments could have been predicted, men just don't get it. If you keep applying your own perspective to judge someone else's perspective, you'll never evolve," lamented JB.

Jacob Volanski believed there were other ways to address the problem: "Social issues need social solutions. We need dialogue, we need empathy, we need patience. We do not need this, whatever it is."

One reader suggested the concept won't have much weight in the real world:

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McDonald's Chicago by Ross Barney Architects

McApple: readers think that a new Ross Barney Architects-designed McDonald's restaurant in Chicago, which resembles an Apple Store, is a step in the right direction for the fast-food brand.

Mr J felt the similarities indicated a match made in heaven: "Apt because Apple is to tech what McDonald's is to food."

"It's not ugly, it's not bad. Yet it has an air of deja vu, and something I would describe as a lack of commitment. This space could be a university cafeteria, an airport, a library maybe," pointed out  Jean-Yves Rehby gently.

"I'm not likely to eat there, but it looks rather better than the crude McDonald's tat in the Oxford area," wrote a half-jealous Mr J.

Mcmlxix was much more harsh in assessment of the building: "Lipstick on a pig."

One reader said the design of restaurants isn't all McDonald's needs to alter:

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Chicken House by Tropical Space

Chicken run: commenters couldn't resist making jokes as they responded to an elaborate chicken coop designed by Vietnamese studio Tropical Space, which also functions as a play space for children.

"Rancho Salmonella!" exclaimed David Laker.

"The licensing possibilities for US immigration will be massive. How do I buy in?" asked Daniel Brown sarcastically.

Threefloatingorbs has already found an additional use for the project: "Once they turn from contracting avian flu, it'll be a great place to keep the child zombies."

This reader was less than impressed with the size of the coop:

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