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"This proposal makes Godzilla look like a social worker"

In this week's comments update, readers think that plans for the King Toronto development in Canada are too "BIG" to be true.

King Kong: The King Toronto development designed by architecture firm BIG has gained zoning approval in Canada's largest city, and readers are shocked.

"What a horror," said Rd.

HeywoodFloyd agreed, adding: "A mountain-scaled cellular gelatinous blob straight out of a low budget 1950s horror film. Run! It won't stop until it's devoured the entire city."

"This proposal makes Godzilla look like a social worker," added Jb.

FuriousB, was also, furious: "This is just a knockoff with nothing original to love."

Not all readers felt the same though:

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The Imprint by MVRDV

Selfie spot: MVRDV has completed The Imprint in South Korea – two windowless buildings containing an indoor theme park and nightclub, which commenters couldn't wait to photograph.

"This is something new for sure. Interesting and totally Instagrammable," offered Spadestick, diplomatically.

JaxonPollock agreed: "Don't like it, but I would take a selfie for the Instagram. Guess that's the point these days."

Others, including, Jacob Volanski, were less light-hearted: "This makes me really sad."

Nick agreed, commenting: "It's haunting, and not in a good way."

This reader cared about one person in particular's thoughts:

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Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown

Postmodern muse: commenters mourned the loss of American architect Robert Venturi, who died on Tuesday 18 September 2018, aged 93. Venturi spearheaded the postmodern movement with wife and partner Denise Scott Brown.

"Sometimes you need somebody that shakes the deck to start again. He was one of the thinkers of his time," said Adrian Menichelli.

Yethica said: "I have never been a huge fan of postmodernism, but I do have a deep amount of respect for the work Bob and Denise have done in the world of architecture. Lovely people."

Sir John V also offered positive words: "A fascinating and kind humanist. I would prefer to live in his cities than any others."

"An icon. I will always remember his kindness, intellect, and excellent company," lamented Jon.

For this reader, Venturi may be gone, but will never be forgotten:

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Pavilion House by Pitsou Kedem

Bum move: images of Pavilion House – a residence by Israeli architecture firm Pitsou Kedem – feature a model, and readers aren't quite sure why.

"Anyone else think this is kind of gratuitous use of a swimwear model?" asked Nimdoorquoi.

An equally confused Katie continued: "Definitely not sure how I feel about the model. Normally just finished projects don't show a single person in any of their photography."

"I love the last shot where she is looking into the empty house like 'uhh, who has my towel?'" joked Cloudy.

Chris MacDonald replied: "No complaints here."

At least one reader was able to concentrate on architectural features:

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