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Alba by Nude

Dezeen's Christmas gift guide 2018: foodies

Our selection of 15 food and drink Christmas gifts – including a Japanese dish rack, a sandy-hued ceramic French press and an architect-designed kettle – will help you find the perfect gift for foodies.

Alba by Joe Doucet

New York-based designer Joe Doucet is behind this three-piece drinking set: an ideal gift for the design-conscious whiskey connoisseur.

Created for contemporary glassware company Nude, Albar includes a whiskey bottle and two tumblers all with bases etched with markings that are based on Scottish tartan.

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Photograph by Freya Matchett

Chopping boards by Case Furniture 

Concentric circles are carved out of this natural beach wood chopping board, which can be used for both cutting and displaying food.

The block forms part of British designer Gareth Neal's kitchenware range for Case Furniture, with each using digital manufacturing techniques to get precise designs. A ridged long tray for serving eggs and a circular design with a square indent for crudités also feature in the collection.

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Trays by Vitra

This set of simple trays by British designer Jasper Morrison would add a pop of colour to any dining table.

Morrison has used his famed minimal style for the set, sold at the WallpaperStore, which comprises three circular designs of different sizes and colour gradients. The red colourway darkens as the plate size increases, while a green range gets paler.

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Ultima Thule by Iittala

Melting ice provided the cues for the rippling and cracked surfaces of this jug and glass set, which Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala created in the 1960s.

Glassware brand Iittala reissued the glass ware, which is available from Skandium, in a moody "rain" hue to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2018.

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Duo Salt & Pepper Grinder by Zaha Hadid Design

Zaha Hadid Design has drawn on the sinuous forms synonymous with the work of its late founder for these sculptural salt and pepper grinders.

The pair have three sides that curve up to a triangular top, evoking the twisting motion of hands when using the tools. The duo are identical shape but come in different greyscale hues to tell them apart.

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Table Mortar by Mark Braun 

Berlin-based industrial designer Mark Braun created this pale marble pestle and mortar to be the centrepiece of the dining table, not just for grinding and storing spices.

Produced by furniture brand Hem, the vessel features a small indent carved out of its base. A bulb-shape on the underside of the lid matches this so that the two slot together, either closing to form a container or creating a tight fit for pulverising.

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Emma by HolmbäckNordentoft

Design duo HolmbäckNordentoft took cues from the "golden age of Danish design" for this electrice kettle created for Scandinavian brand Stelton.

It features a sleek black body, which is complemented by a curvy beech handle, giving an almost retro feel. It is also fitted with a removable limescale filter and a dry boil safety switch, which turns it off automatically when it runs out of water.

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Nest 9 Plus by Joseph Joseph

Give multiple gifts in one with this colourful nesting set by household product brand Joseph Joseph.

The entire kit contains bowls, a sieve, a colander and measuring spoons, which are designed to slot inside each other to save space in the cupboards when not in use. Each item is a boldly different colour to make them easy recognise.

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Casserole dish by Crane

Cook up warming stews, soups and casseroles in style with this all-black cast iron dish by Crane.

The matte enamel runs inside and out of the product, a typical feature of the UK company's cookware, and makes it suited to design-savvy cooks who know that black never goes out of style.

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Alba by Nude

Kettle Teapot by Norm Architects

Danish studio Norm Architects designed this glass teapot, giving it a tall body, rounded handle and short spout. The tea egg that plugs in the top is accessed via a black silicon string.

Menu produces the product and also sells an accompanying "kettle teapot heater" to be used for boiling water – in case you're feeling particularly generous.

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Sowden Bottle by Hay

Named after designer George Sowden, Hay's vacuum flask is intended to be playful and uconventional.

The stainless steel body, which keeps keep drinks hot, tapers inwards to the top, while the plastic, no-drip screw cap branches out slightly on top. Both also come in a range of different colours.

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The Kitchen Shelf by Rosie Reynolds and Eve O'Sullivan

Published by Phaidon, The Kitchen Shelf teaches budding cooks the art of maximising their cupboard stock, and how to swap in and out ingredients to make 100 easy recipes.

The book, which is written by Rosie Reynolds and Eve O'Sullivan, has a simple design, contrasting colourful images and a white backdrop.

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Wood-Handled Dish Rack by Yamazaki Design

Ash wood handles offset a steel cut frame to make up this minimal dish rack by Japanese homeware company Yamazaki Design.

Plates, cutting boards, pots, pans and bowls are all intended to fit into slots within the structure, with the pale plastic tray beneath catching any water run off.

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Grateful Grater by Böttcher Henssler Kayser

Every home cook worth their salt needs a good grater. Treat a cook to this one designed by Berlin based studio Böttcher Henssler Kayser for Rig-Tig.

The grey product contains four graters in a self-standing rubbery frame. Each grater has matching, non-slip grey grips on both the top and bottom.

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Products by Yield

French Press by Yield

Florida design studio Yield has created a ceramic press to keep coffee hot during lazy mornings or long days in the studio.

Featuring a geometric handle that makes it easy to hold, the cafetière comes in earthy sandy and grey hues, as well as glossy black and white.

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