Careers guide: Natalie Kane explains how she became curator of digital design at the V&A

Natalie Kane got her first taste of culture working as a gallery assistant in Brighton, but is now a curator at the V&A museum. She explains what she learnt along the way for the Dezeen Jobs careers guide.

After initially studying literature, Kane decided to apply the "critical thinking and analytic skills" she acquired to pursue a career in curation. She spent the first few years after graduating working for companies with a technology-focus, allowing her to gain a crucial awareness of the progressive digital landscape.

As curator of digital design at the V&A, her daily role involves the "care, display, interpretation and research of the digital design collection".

She works closely with senior curator Corinna Gardner to "think through what it means to live with digital design today and what conversations we should be representing".

Kane said the museum tends to employ people who are "curious, open, and rigorous in their thinking".

"We also have a lot of people on board who have come to design, or curating, through a slightly different route; we have architects, magazine founders, artists and musicians in the team," she said.

The curator's advice to young people starting out in the industry is to "be kinder to yourself and ask for help more often".

"You can have this anxiety that people won't think you're good enough if you ask for support, but it shows great maturity," she added.

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