Snohetta Under restaurant

"There's Norway we could a-fjord to eat in this plaice"

In this week's comments update, readers are having a whale of a time making puns about an underwater restaurant designed by Snøhetta. 

Fishy business: some readers are hooked on Under, "the world's largest underwater restaurant", which was recently completed by Snøhetta. Others are concerned about the welfare of its neighbouring fish.

"Quite remarkable in every way," praised Threefloatingorbs.

"I'm hooked on the design," agreed Ed, "but I've got a sinking feeling there's Norway we could a-fjord to eat in this plaice."

"No doubt this will wow," continued Rob Swain. "Where this disappoints is inside, it's like landing on Mars and exiting the shuttle to find yourself in Croydon."

Thomas was more worried about the neighbours: "What if a fish swims head first into the glass wall? Would somebody please think of the fish!"

The window was also on this reader's mind:

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Voice of reason: creative agency Virtue has partnered with Copenhagen Pride to develop the world's first genderless voice, named Q, but not everyone agrees it was needed.

"Ah, I love designs that fix non-existent problems," sighed Miles Teg.

Pierre went on: "As a human I'm offended by this robotic voice."

"I think I could've done better just recording any voice and putting autotune on it," added Vinr.

"It sounds female," concluded George.

This reader had other ideas:

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Milky's coffee bar by Batay-Csorba Architecture

Standing ovation: commenters are confused by a coffee shop in Toronto designed by Ontario studio Batay-Csorba Architecture, that has no tables or chairs for its customers.

"So they don't want customers to feel comfortable while there, or have any tables to rest those pastries and coffees upon? Such a cafe culture fail," said a disappointed Drawwal.

Spadestick agreed: "At least have high benches to lean on! This sucks."

"I foresee tables and chairs added within six months," replied Tyrannosaurus Rek.

"But do they have Wi-Fi?" asked Idracula. "Discourages those homeless types with Macs. Good/bad idea. Bring your own furniture, tea anyone?"

One commenter seemed to like the grab-and-go theme:

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Hampshire House by Niall McLaughlin Architects

House of god: a concrete country home designed by Niall McLaughlin Architects has caught reader attention thanks to its grand scale and features.

"How many square metres are between the sink and the cooker alone?" asked Idle.

"Catholic scale meets Protestant interiors," replied Rob Swain.

"I would literally kill for this church-like kitchen," added Kuenzel Zeller.

Kai concluded: "I love it when I can enter my modest abode by helicopter without getting wet from the English rain."

One commenter thought the design would be better suited for a different purpose:

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