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Wild Things by the Haas Brothers

Haas Brothers imagine Wild Things homeware as desert creatures

Los Angeles duo the Haas Brothers have imagined this set of homeware as little "otherwordly" monsters roaming the arid California desert.

Haas Djuna Coffee and Tea Pot in Wild Things by the Haas Brothers
L'Objet and Haas Brothers' collaboration include a coffee and tea set featuring fill lips and horns

Twins Simon and Nikolai Haas designed the Wild Things collection in collaboration with luxury homeware brand L'Objet to draw on "the otherwordly landscape" of Joshua Tree National Park in the dry Mojave desert.

Mojave Palm Candlesticks in Wild Things by the Haas Brothers
Golden leaves detail the Mojave Palm Candlesticks to draw on the landscape of the desert surrounds

Following in the design duo's fantastical style – which includes a set of animalistic silverware – the pieces are conceived as creatures that could live in the extreme landscape.

Tableware, home decor, textiles and fragrance pots in Wild Things feature bizarre details, like tentacles, scales and full lips.

Lazy Susan Catchall in Wild Things by the Haas Brothers
The arid Joshua Tree provided the cues for series, which includes a Lazy Susan that resembles a dead bug

"The dinnerware is embellished with whimsical motifs from the Mojave desert, setting the scene for the fantasy behind the collection," said the Haas Brothers in a project description.

"Across the home decor and textile categories, signature Haas Brother textures come into play: hand-carved scales, porcelain 'fur' and whimsical horns add a playful touch to otherwise organic forms."

Lynda Box and Plates in Wild Things by the Haas Brothers
Porcelain is shaped detailed to resemble hairy textures

Among the works is the Second Skin Vessels Series, which comprises stout porcelain containers modelled on various creatures, including a fish, a turtle and a "coral monster".

Each has a stout body set on chunky legs, with the porcelain shaped to look like fur or bubbly skin and painted in bold colours that resemble stripes or scales.

Gila Monster Vessel in Wild Things by the Haas Brothers
Monster-like vessels in the series are modelled on turtles and fish

"In order to survive the punishing conditions of the Mojave Desert, the most resilient of creatures from the Haas monster family developed a magical second skin," said the studio.

"Forming protection from the harsh sun and bitter nights, they glimmer by day and pulse by night."

Wild Things by the Haas Brothers
Other works include the Incense Burner, featuring horns that spout perfume

Another set comprises white "monster candles" called Motive Palm. Swirling and dripping textures decorate the bodies with golden horns protruding from the top to disperse the scent, created by perfumer Yann Vasnier.

The series follows on the fantastical style that the Haas Brothers have become known for.

Optipus Magnifying Glass in Wild Things by the Haas Brothers
The frame of the Optipus Magnifying Glass resembles tree branches

Previous designs have included the silverware the duo designed for art collector George Lindemann Jr and a family of sheep-sized creatures covered with patterned beadwork.

To make Wild Things, Simon and Nikolai Haas first modelled the designs in the LA studio, creating 3D-printed models of each creation that were then transported the L'Objets's atelier in Portugal.

Unicorn Octopus Letter Opener in Wild Things by the Haas Brothers
A twisted horn extends from a pink bulb to form the Octopus Letter Opener

These were then used to inform hand-made prototypes to create moulds into which the porcelain was poured and cast.

The correlation between the desert and the design of the collection is then depicted in the collection's styled and collaged photoshoot, as directed by Michael Reynold.

Mojave Desert Bowl in Wild Things by the Haas Brothers
Bubbling textures of the Mojave Desert Bowl resemble the texture of the desert rocks

For example, one image imposes the candlesticks topped with golden palm tree leaves against a backdrop of trees, while another shows the magnifying glass as an extension of a tree trunk.

The Lazy Susan resembles a large bug laid on its back with arms and legs splayed, while the Mojave Desert bowl is detailed with white, bubbly markings. In the photo set, the bowl rests on a large stone with a similar texture.

Photography is by Elio Tolot, courtesy of L'Objet.

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Wild Things by the Haas Brothers
Wild Things by the Haas Brothers
Wild Things by the Haas Brothers
Wild Things by the Haas Brothers
Wild Things by the Haas Brothers
Wild Things by the Haas Brothers
Wild Things by the Haas Brothers
Wild Things by the Haas Brothers