Careers guide: Jose Sanchez of Plethora Projects reveals how he brings architecture to video games

Jose Sanchez creates educational, architecture-led video games at design studio Plethora Project. He tells the Dezeen Jobs careers guide how he applies an architectural mindset to the gaming industry.

After originally studying to be an architect in his native Chile, a move to London's Architectural Association provided Sanchez with an opportunity to "completely reinvent" his architectural thinking.

"I was disenchanted with how programming tools were being used in architecture," he explained.

"I had a vision of a far more interactive relation with computation, where a designer, or player, could intuitively push and pull different elements, and allow the software to respond or provide feedback."

This led him to launch Plethora Project, a design initiative geared towards making people more architecturally literate.

Plethora Project produces building-simulation games, designed to educate and engage users on the challenges modern cities present, while also promoting the value of good design.

"I think that video games have an important role to play in many disciplines including architecture, and the medium is still young so I don't think we have seen all its potential yet," said Sanchez.

"I have found coding to be a skill that opens so many doors, especially if we don't want to just be consumers of technologies developed by others," he added. "Learning programming should be seen as learning a language, one that allows you to have a more critical relation with technology."

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