Nanimarquina Capas 3 rug competition

Competition: win a Capas kilim rug by Nanimarquina

The latest Dezeen competition offers readers the chance to win a Capas rug designed by Mathias Hahn for Nanimarquina.

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to the winner, who is Tito Piermarini from London, UK.

Capas is a light kilim rug with a casual feel, created in collaboration with London-based designer Hahn in five colourways.

The weave gives the illusion of a shadow falling diagonally across the surface of the rug, with a complex interplay of colours that are designed to create the formation of depth.

"Hahn's starting point for the Capas collection is his notion of shadows being never black or grey but full of colour and geometry," explained Nanimarquina. "You can see that in the design."

Nanimarquina Capas 3 rug competition
The main colour in the Capas 3 rug is blue, with multiple contrasting tones

Each rug has a main colour, a complementing tone and a darker gradient that gives the illusion of the cast shadow.

Nanimarquina likens the way the colours interact to music, with the main colour and its subsidiaries creating a harmonious chord.

One reader will win the Capas 3 rug, which takes the colour blue as its starting point, but can "blend into any environment, due to the presence of a wide range of chromatic shades".

Nanimarquina Capas 3 rug competition
The rug comes in five different colourways including this yellow version

The kilim rug – otherwise known as a flatweave rug – measures 170 centimetres by 240 centimetres and is hand-loomed from 100 per cent Afghan wool.

In order to create the design, Hahn and Nanimarquina spent a number of months developing a new way of weaving a kilim.

The technique allows for a looser structure that means that both the warp (the threads that run from top to bottom on the loom) and the weft (those that run from left to right) are visible, where usually only the weft is on view.

Nanimarquina Capas 3 rug competition
The rugs are made by hand on the loom using 100 per cent Afghan wool

Playing with the density of the warp permits new tonalities to surface, providing a visual texture where colours intertwine with each other along the carpet.

"By loosening the fibres and using a thicker warp, we made new colours and textures visible, celebrating greater depth and enhanced tones," explained Hahn.

Founder Nani Marquina started her eponymous company more than 30 years ago, with the goal of producing unusual handmade rugs.

The brand has collaborated with designers including Doshi Levien, and Jaime Hayon, who produced a 30th anniversary rug adorned with surreal sketches of human body parts, animal heads and abstracted shapes.

One reader will win a Capas 3 rug from the brand. The rug is available to purchase in various retail stores worldwide as well as from showrooms in Barcelona and New York. For more information, contact Nanimarquina.

Competition closes Tuesday 2 July. One winner will be selected at random and notified by email, and his or her name will be published at the top of this page.