Goop Toronto by Yabu Pushelberg

Yabu Pushelberg designs blush-pink Goop pop-up in Toronto

Canadian design firm Yabu Pushelberg has created a pink and cream pop-up store for Goop in its home city of Toronto with rustic accents designed to encapsulate the brand's identity.

Goop MRKT Toronto is a temporary brick-and-mortar store for Gwyneth Paltrow's brand Goop, which offers a range of beauty products, home goods and clothing for sale.

Goop pop-up in Toronto by Yabu Pushelberg

Designed by local firm Yabu Pushelberg, the temporary 1,300 square-foot (121-square-metre) shop has been built in an existing store, which the studio has softened with a decor that is reflective of a cosy home, with numerous tables, plants and rugs.

Colouring the store are cream walls and soft pink curtains, which drape down to accentuate high ceilings and make the space more intimate and inviting.

Goop pop-up in Toronto by Yabu Pushelberg

"The MRKT was designed for the Goop shopper," George Yabu told Deezeen, who founded the studio with his partner Glenn Pushelberg in 1980. "Blush pink was a mutual decision between us and Goop - it's a natural, healthy tone that we feel translates well to the brand."

"It is also a colour associated with compassion and loyalty and when you walk through, you absorb the feeling the colour exudes – peace, rest and openness," he said.

Goop pop-up in Toronto by Yabu Pushelberg

The rectangular store features a handful of large tables filled with Goop-curated items. Built-in shelves and nooks offer additional display space for products.

An Avorio ivory cement side table designed by Goop in collaboration with CB2 fills one half of the store. Nearby is a geometric concrete wash station for customers to try out products.

Goop pop-up in Toronto by Yabu Pushelberg

Curtains at the middle of the store frame a vignette, which is decorated with a Blox dining table and benches by CB2.

"The store has so much to offer, so we created a series of vignettes inspired by a film set, for all the products have their own moment in the spotlight," Yabu said.

Goop pop-up in Toronto by Yabu Pushelberg

Rustic touches large woven light fixtures, baskets and jute rugs add a natural feel throughout.

"Creating the right tone for the pop-up has been an interesting process, a coming together of the psyche of what Toronto is all about with the strong personality of the Goop brand,” the two said.

"If the Goop customer lived in Toronto, she would feel differently and live differently than the one in New York or Los Angeles," Pushelberg said. "Each city and each context is unique, and that is the challenge, and the fun."

Goop pop-up in Toronto by Yabu Pushelberg

Founded in 2008, Goop is the brainchild of American actress and businesswoman Gwyneth Paltrow, which is headquartered in Los Angeles' Santa Monica neighbourhood. In addition to selling products, it also offers travel and wellness tips in the form of an online publication.

"We've always been in awe of our neighbors to the north, which is why we picked Canada as the first place to launch e-commerce internationally in 2017," said Melanie Ramer, Goop's vice president of retail. "It felt like the natural next step to activate in Toronto with our first goop MRKT pop-up shop."

Goop pop-up in Toronto by Yabu Pushelberg

The Toronto outpost joins Goop's pop-ups in Nantucket and Sag Harbour, while last year Goop had a temporary shop in London.

Aside from these temporary stores, Goop has grown to include three permanent shops as well, in London, New York City and Santa Monica.

Goop pop-up in Toronto by Yabu Pushelberg

Goop MRKT in Toronto is open from 7 June to 22 September, on the ground floor of Hazelton Hotel in Toronto's Yorkville area. Also in the neighbourhood is Foster + Partners' supertall skyscraper The One, which is currently under construction and will become Canada's tallest building when it completes.

In addition to the Goop Toronto store, Yabu Pushelberg has designed a handful of hotels in New York City, including Times Square Edition, Four Seasons Downtown and Moxy Times Square.