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Dezeen Day

Dezeen Day will tackle five critical issues facing architecture and design

The inaugural Dezeen Day conference in London on 30 October 2019 will address the future of cities, materials and education, as well as the circular economy and how to build a successful creative business.

The five themes have been selected by Dezeen's editorial team for their relevance and importance. Expert panels will discuss each topic, with the aim of setting the agenda for the future.

Dezeen Day is a new conference that will set the global agenda for architecture and design. Our first ever conference, it will also feature keynotes by leading figures from the world of architecture and design plus film screenings and a few surprises…

The five themes are as follows:


Designing for the circular economy

What is the circular economy and how do we design for it? Panellists, including leading architects, designers and business representatives, will explain how they are helping to transform the global economy from a linear model to a circular one that eliminates waste and pollution while enhancing vital ecosystems.

This session is being held in conjunction with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which wants to enlist 20 million designers to help make circular design "the new normal".

Post-plastic materials

How can we solve the problems of plastic waste and what materials could replace it? This session aims to push forward the debate about the materials we'll use to build and manufacture with, as well as discussing realistic ways of reducing the global impact of fossil-fuel polymers, including plastic in the ocean.

Future cities

What will the cities of the future look like? What technologies will transform them? How will they cope with climate change? Where and how will everyone live? This panel will explore how cities need to evolve in the face of environmental, economic, social and technological change.

Fixing education

Is architecture and design education fit for purpose? What can we do to improve it? The world needs talented architects and designers more than ever, but the education system has come under attack for being out of touch with the real world while students complain that the stress of getting qualified is making them ill. In this session, we'll hear from educators who are breaking the mould and revolutionising education.

Redesigning business

How do you start a design-led company? How can architects and designers benefit from the value they create? With boundaries breaking down between disciplines but creative services often undervalued by clients, this session will hear from entrepreneurial architects and designers who have found innovative ways to build businesses around their ideas.

Dezeen Day design conference

Dezeen Day takes place in London on 30 October 2019

The day-long conference will take place on the same day as the Dezeen Awards winners party, where winning architects and designers will collect their trophies at a glamorous evening event. Dezeen Day attendees will also be able to buy tickets for the party, subject to availability.

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